#artbookfriday | Graffiti XXL

Such a wonderful coffeetable book! At first I was a little bit confused. The title of this book is “Graffiti XXL. Street Art im Großformat”. What’s the difference between Graffiti and Street Art? And what about Urban Art?


Graffiti are writing or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched, or painted illicitly on a wall or other surface, often within public view. (Wikipedia)


Street art is visual art created in public locations, usually unsanctioned artwork executed outside of the context of traditional art venues. Stencil graffiti, wheatpasted poster art or sticker art, and street installation or sculpture are common forms of modern street art. The term gained popularity during the graffiti art boom of the early 1980s and continues to be applied to subsequent incarnations. (Wikipedia)

Urban art, guerrilla art, post-graffiti and neo-graffiti means more or less the same. It’s always the same context.

Ok, I try to understand the complexity of the topic. While I read the foreword I recognize there are more differences. Murals are often allowed artworks at public space. XXL-Murals are very elaborated pieces. You have to plan them very exactly because you are so close to the wall, you can’t see the whole image. I have only seen one big mural in Berlin and it was several years ago. I’m so sorry I didn’t take a picture.

Now Claudia Walde presents more than 200 pictures of xxl-murals all over the world in this book. It’s really great to see all these artworks from different artists. She explains about the difficulties artists struggle with (weather, the right colors – wall colors or spray cans with colors…. – empty gas tanks for lift trucks, scaffolds…) I always ask myself how to plan such big artwork and how it is possible to realize it on a wall. The pictures of the xxl-murals from 29 places are absolutely amazing. I enjoy reading the book about the 29 artists (Aryz, C215, El Mac, Faith47, Herakut, INTI, Eduardo Kobra, M-City, Nychos, Rone, Seth, Vhils…).

Now I am very excited about a project at Altonaer Museum. Rene Scheer, a stencil artist in Hamburg, last year designed a wall at the Altonaer Museum. During the night of the museums (22nd of April) he is going to create a new stencil on the wall – an xxl-stencil! He is a very nice guy, he explains his course of action and invites sometimes to his studio. (You should follow his Insta-Account.) His #fischerfüraltona is the first stencil he did in such a large manner. Next week will do a new large stencil. I’m very curious about the motive he chose. If you are interested, meet him at 6 pm at Altonaer Museum.

#artbook | Graffiti XXL. Street Art im Großformat

#author | Claudia Walde

#publisher | Prestel

#language | German

#ISBN | 978-3-7913-8173-2

#pages | 192

#published | 2015

you can get your copy from randomhouse.

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