A perfect day in Potsdam

In January, I stayed in Potsdam for two nights and one day. It is always difficult to find the right places you must see in a new city. Therefore, I had to decide what to see on this city trip but it was easy for me – Museum Barberini celebrated its opening at January 23rd. Four weeks later already 60.000 visitors have seen the new culture institute. WOW!

Well, let us start. I checked in at Hotel Steigenberger at Park Sanssouci. The hotel was okay and the hotel employees were very friendly and fulfilled all my wishes. Therefore, I have to say thank you to the staff of the hotel. For breakfast, I went to café “Wiener” which was nearby. Amazing! The cakes looked so delicious. However, it was 9 am, so I had to start the day with a fantastic breakfast. Our server was so funny and so friendly! (Friendly staff is something I am really missing in Germany. So it was very conspicuous everyone was friendly and polite.) Back to breakfast, I had a breakfast for two. 😀 You can also have brunch on holidays and at weekends. My breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, tomato with mozzarella, biscuits with marmalade, honey, salmon, a fruit salad and freshly pressed orange juice. It was great. Really!

After I braced myself for a culture trip, I set out for Museum Barberini. In front of the museum was a very large waiting line. Some bloggers were invited to see the new museum first and I was so happy to be one of them, and to meet Marlene, Jörn and Marc again. (Have a look at their posts and impressions, too! Annekathrin Kohout and Jenny Fuchs also wrote about our visit at Museum Barberini. And Michael Schmidt took some nice pictures.)

While the other visitors had to wait, we got the chance to see the exhibitions unhurriedly. The director of the museum Dr. Ortrud Westheider introduced into the world of Museum Barberini. The focus is on special exhibitions, she explained to us. There will not be a permanent exhibition on display. I think it sounds great and the admission (14 €) is justified. Until May 28 the museum presents “Modern Art Classics and Impressionism: The Art of Landscape”. Two wonderful presentations. I am very sorry, I did not listen to Mrs. Westheider, but during the tour Monet, Caillebotte, Sisley, Liebermann, Kandinsky, Munch, Warhol and Richter immersed me in their paintings.

Museum Barberini is a typical museum building. The reconstruction of this palace is a total success. In 1771/1772 this palace was originally built, in April 1945 it was destroyed during an air raid. In 2005 it was decided, palace Barberini is going to be reconstructed. I really enjoy the building and the atmosphere. It is a typical museum, large and simple rooms (with high technology in background), and colored walls – a perfect match with the paintings.

After this awesome tour, we had a lot to talk about at the restaurant of the Filmmuseum Potsdam (the cafe at Museum Barberini was closed at that time).

Some other places of interest are Potsdam’s Park and Palace Sanssouci and the Dutch Quarter. I saw them at my last visits in Potsdam. It’s a quiet city with nice shops. I enjoy travelling to Potsdam – especially at summertime.

#museum | Museum Barberini

#exhibition | Modern Art Classics // Impressionism: The Art of Landscape

#until | May 28, 2017


Thanks to Artefakt for the invitation to Museum Barberini.

3 thoughts on “A perfect day in Potsdam

  1. As a Berlin resident, I have very much welcomed the addition of the Barberini to the museum landscape. I was there on the first day, too, and have been back twice already, always with visitors from abroad who are all very impressed with the initiative and generosity of Hasso Plattner, the entrepreneur and founder of SAP, and the moving force behind the building of the Barberini. I love the attention to detail and the quality of the building as well as the proportions of the showrooms. And I will always remember that on January 20, 2017, Chancellor Merkel and Bill Gates were at the opening – simply with their presence underscoring the importance of supporting culture.

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    1. Thanks for your additions, it’s great to hear how you like it as a resident of the (wider) area! And what a great sign that you’ve been there already three times. It looks like the Barberini will be a great success and a great opportunity for Potsdam.


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