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Happy #artbookfriday peeps! I am finally back with a new book and my first article of 2017. It’s a lot going right now, so I didn’t have the time to write anything. I will move to Frankfurt in March and start a new job, but as soon as I moved there will be more articles coming up again. And hopefully I will manage to write at least one every other week.

So the first book recommendation of 2017 is an easy one. I read the novel “Die Kleidermacherin” (= the dress maker) during the winter holidays between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I was so happy to finally have some reading time again and I enjoyed this little novel a lot. It’s something for cozy winter evenings and a story for fashion lovers.

It tells a fictional story based on the history of the fashion house Santa Eulalia in Barcelona which was founded in 1843 and still exists. The story starts in Barcelona, 1917. The beautiful Laia who is 18 years old at the time is employed as a saleswoman in training at Santa Eulalia, where her mother works as a seamstress. Laia is fascinated by the luxurious fabrics and beautiful clothes – but she cares only for the fun in her life which changes dramatically when her mother dies in an accident and she gets pregnant from an affair. The story is a pretty nice little drama with everything you need for some good entertainment.

I had some issues to get all the characters at the beginning because the story has a lot of time jumps which makes it harder to keep track of all the characters which are introduced and who of them is interesting and important for the story. But as soon as you have an overview it’s easy to read and follow. By the way it’s not just about fashion but also about the Spanish Civil War and the society at the time.

It’s a nice story and an easy read. I wouldn’t read it a second time but I would still recommend it for a lazy evening or as a present for your fashion loving friends. And it reminded me that I’ve never been to Barcelona yet 😉

The Book

Die Kleidermacherin

#author | Núria Prada

#publisher | Penguin

#language | German

#ISBN | 978-3-328-10077-5

#pages | 400

#published | 2016

you can order your copy here.

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