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Happy #artbookfriday peeps. This is the last book we will show you this year and it’s a true beauty and one of a kind for your coffee table. At least if that’s big enough. Its cover is made of Satin with the title imprinted on it – really fancy! Best of all, this book is about my favorite designer and genius, Alexander McQueen seen through the lens of Robert Fairer.

The British photographer Robert Fairer has photographed up to 100 fashion shows per season for almost twenty years, ten of them exclusively for the American Vogue. Now, for the first time ever, Fairer opens his large archive of breathtaking recordings made during the complete career of the star designer and enfant terrible of the fashion world, Alexander McQueen (1969-2010): From McQueen’s first catwalk productions in London in the 90ies to the last famous collection Plato’s Atlantis shortly before his early death.

The opulent photo book Alexander McQueen – Unseen, which was just published in a German edition by Schirmer / Mosel, shows the extraordinary brilliance of McQueen’s remarkable creative work in 376 photographs by Robert Fairer. It starts with a foreword by Sally Singer (Vogue) and an introduction by Claire Wilcox (Victoria & Albert Museum), followed by an essay by Fairer himself, all of them very informative and personal at the same time. After the texts all collections McQueen ever did are presented by an explanatory text and plenty of images from Fairer’s archive.

Alexander McQueen, known as the fashion rebel, revolutionized the entire industry and set new standards with his provocative shows. Feathers, metal, animal ribs, bird’s nesting within Swarovski eggs, or even old beverage cans, were found in McQueen’s imaginative creations. Unforgettable the show in which his models waded on towering plateau through water, or the robot spraying a model in a white dress with paint.

Robert Fairer who was one of the first photographers who went backstage at the big fashion shows, created a completely new genre of fashion photography with his dynamic images. Today, it seems unimaginable that such industry-important events take place without ever available cell phone cameras, famous fashion bloggers and “live” posted Instagram pictures, but Fairer’s backstage images, published for the first time in this wealth, were unique when they were taken and unusual at the time. Not only does the photographer’s goal-oriented look for the private, unpretentious moments during the tense sprawl surprise us before the big appearance, his shots give an exclusive insight into the feverish activity and insatiable longing for perfection of a dazzling and glamorous fashion world: this is a special book for all fashion lovers, fans of Alexander McQueen and also for the voyeurs among us who want to know one of the best kept secrets of the fashion industry.

I am definitely in love with this book and it’s one of the best fashion books published this year!

The Book

Alexander McQueen Unseen

#author | Robert Fairer

#publisher | Schirmer/Mosel (German), Thames & Hudson (English)

#language | available in German or English

#ISBN | 978-3829607742 (German), 978-0500519042 (English)

#pages | 352

#published | 2016

4 thoughts on “(Art)Books we love | Alexander McQueen – Unseen

  1. Got a new book coming out in September –
    John Galliano Unseen-

    30 collections presented chronoligically from runway to behind the scenes..
    Let me know if you want to know more.. It’s a beauty
    Thank you for your enthusiasm..
    Robert Fairer X


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