#DIY – the perfect self-made xmas present

One of my hobbies is baking, especially during the xmas time. The last recipe I present you is two weeks ago. 😉 I love the smell of cinnamon, gingerbread, almond biscuits or any other cake or cookies. One of my favourite cakes is marble cake. Often marble cake is very aridly, the best one is with cherries and pieces of chocolate. This is the perfect mixture of a simple cake and a wonderful fruity and chocolatey filling.

The special of this recipe is, you can bake it in little glasses and you have the perfect give away!


100 gr. butter
100 gr. rape oil
250 gr. sugar
1 parcel vanilla sugar
1 dash salt
4 eggs
350 gr. flour
1 parcel baking powder
3 tablespoons cocoa
3 tablespoons chocolate grater
4 tablespoons milk
2 glasses of pitted cherries
3 bares of chocolate (Rittersport Edelvollmilch or Edel-Bitter, yes it has to be Rittersport! I swear by it!)
Butter the grease the little glasses.
1 skewer

You also need 12 jars.


1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Oil the jars and put off the rubber bands of the jars.
3. Mix butter, rape oil, sugar, vanilla sugar, salt and eggs.
4. Intermix flour and baking powder.
5. Divide the dough in a half.
6. Stir cocoa with milk and add to one of the bowls with dough, also put the chocolate grater in it. Now you have two different doughs – one with chocolate one without.
7. You have to fill the little glasses only one half each. Start with the chocolate dough, put 10 cherries on it and three pieces of Rittersport chocolate. Afterwards add the white dough on it.

Warning: You should fill the glasses with the ingredients only till half. The dough will swell! If it’s to much you have to cut the top of the cake when it’s baked. If you put more cherries in it you need one or two more glasses. This also depends on the charge of the dough. If you don’t have so much glasses, put the rest into muffin or cake pans.

8. The little cakes have to bake for about 25 minutes. You can check the consistence of the dough with a skewer. If no dough sticks to the skewer the cakes are ready!
9. Now you have to be careful and you must be fast! You have to put the rubber bands on the lid of the little glasses. Don’t burn your fingers! And now close the glasses.

Done! 🙂

The little cakes are the perfect self-made present for xmas or a birthday! They are non-perishable for about three month. So you can optimally prepare it for times when you are busy.

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