A Christmas Weekend in Berlin

Hey peeps before it’s too late I decided to write at least one Christmas related post this year 😉 I don’t feel like Christmas this year for different reasons to be honest so I was lacking an article idea but last weekend I found it by accident.

The nice people from Scandic Hotels invited me to Berlin for the weekend to check out their lovely place at Ku’damm. Unfortunately, my reservation was mixed up so I couldn’t stay in one of the art rooms there. That’s a real shame because I would have loved to see those. Well, maybe next time.

Christmas Garden Berlin

However, before I tell you how I liked my visit at the hotels let’s get back to Christmas. When I planned my weekend in Berlin I felt like doing something season like. After some digital research, I decided to meet some friends and hit the Christmas Garden at the Botanical Garden in Berlin. I heard only the best things about it but was skeptical because of the entry fee (19€). That’s quite a lot for my taste but it was worth it at the end. If there was one day this December where I felt some Christmas in my heart it was last Saturday. The Botanical Garden is a beautiful place anyway but being illuminated by thousands of lights, it becomes magical! You feel like walking through a fairytale. There’re lighthouses, colorful dream forests and magical illuminated figures, an ice skating ring and a little Christmas market with open fire places. Christmas Garden opens every day at 5 PM when the Botanical Garden closes for the day and is open until 11 PM. We stayed until the end and had the place for ourselves for at least the last 30 minutes. Totally romantic, I have to admit. So if you have someone you totally adore this is a place I can recommend for a visit. It was not even crowded because the tickets are limited every night.

The concept of the illuminated garden comes from England by the way, where the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew first appeared in a completely new light in 2013.

Funny enough I can’t go anywhere without finding art. Part of the Christmas market area at the Botanical Garden was a booth with photographer Kai Stuth and the photo project Like Berlin. Of course we participated 😉 and had a lot of fun. Maybe a bit too much, so this is the only image I am showing you today. Well, maybe you will see some more if they update their website.

Michelle van der Veen      Christmas Garden Berlin

Scandic Berlin Kurfürstendamm

So this was my little Christmas in Berlin. The Scandic Hotel at the Ku’damm was the perfect place for this. Located directly behind the famous Kadewe between two metro stations it’s perfect to explore the city. I needed about 30 minutes to the Botanical Garden, which is really good for Berlin. You can reach a lot of great places easily form there, even by foot. If you’re wondering what to do in that area you can also check out my article about the perfect girl’s night in Berlin and the one about the Kunstgewerbemuseum.

I liked the hotel’s atmosphere straight away and felt very welcomed. There was some art in the lobby and I am still sad that I couldn’t stay in one of the art rooms. From October 6 to 26, 2016 the Scandic Berlin Kurfürstendamm was transformed into a live performance studio for street and urban artists. Hotel rooms, hallways, the fitness area and the restaurant got a new face. You can find the comprehensive visual reports from the creation to the result of the artworks on their Instagram. Unfortunately also my floor was all white so I haven’t seen much of it but the pictures look amazing. I hope to have a chance to stay in one of those rooms another time.

Scandic Hotel Berlin Scandic Hotel Berlin Scandic Hotel Berlin

My room had twin beds what disturbed me slightly. I am not a big fan of those because I tend to sleep in the middle of a bed no matter how big it is. Well, it’s also not very handy if there’re two of you. On the plus side: it was one of the most comfortable hotel beds I’ve ever slept in even using just one side of it.

The second most important thing in a hotel is the breakfast buffet if you ask me. I can say only positive things about that at the Scandic. I went there late (around 11 AM) but everything was still fresh and there was still plenty of food. They had everything you can imagine even soup and cake. I decided to go for an English breakfast this time because I haven’t had that in a while and sometimes that’s just what I need. They offer breakfast until noon which is really great, too. There’s not much I hate more than the need of going to breakfast early at weekends. So I expect at least a breakfast until 11 AM in a good hotel but noon is even better.

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