#beauty | sweet kisses

It’s rainy, windy, foggy, snowy and cold. Time for lying on the couch, drinking hot tea, coffee or chocolate, eating some cookies and reading a good book. Wintertime is also time for cuddling up with someone and for kissing. 😉 

But kissing rough lips? My lips are always very rough, so I am looking out for the perfect lip balm constantly. This fall I tested different balms. And now I can present you my three favorite lipbalms.

The first one is a classic balm: Labello. This lipbalm is cheap (under 3 Euro / 4,8 g) and it’s always beneficial. In winter time you will find one of it in my handbags. Labello is a traditional company, founded 1909. Do you know what Labello means? Right, it’s an compound: “Labium” (lips) and “bellus” (beautiful). Beautiful lips every time! Currently Labello has a limited edition: Neon. But be sure, it’s only the packaging. It’s a classic Labello. 😉 I had a stick of the limited edition #DeinLabello (Love You XXX).

Sweet kisses

For well-tended lips, I am always looking out for the perfect lipstick. At last I was searching for a lipgloss. The lipgloss must be transparent without any glitter or sparkling. (A very difficult challenge!) Trust me, it wasn’t easy. I entered a lot of drugstores and perfumery shops without any success. So I had to search online. One of my favorite labels is Clarins. Well Clarins is expensive, but the lipgloss “Eclat Minute Huile Confort Lèvres” is absolutely amazing (24 Euro / 7 ml). You get them in three different tastings (honey, red berry and raspberry.) I choose the honey edition. It’s very natural. Your lips feeling very soft, the gloss effect is terrific, it’s transparent and it’s not adhesive like other balms. Sometimes I use at first a normal lipstick and afterwards I put lipgloss on it.

The third lipbalm was a present and I am always very skeptical. Cosmetic is an individual business. Don’t you think so? Well, I received the “Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter” by Astor as a gift. “Hug me” is the color name of this lipstick. It’s a nude tone. Astor offers 12 colors. This lipbalm donates moisture for your lips. In drugstores you’ll get the 5 g lipstick for 6-8 Euro. It’s the perfect lipbalm, if you are looking out for something with color and a high moisturing effect. I have the nude one, because I rarely wear lipsticks with color.

Sweet kisses

If you are looking out for something organic, I prefer Lavera . In summer time I often use the lipbalm of Balea and in winter time if your lips are very damaged I tend my lips with the lipstick of Bepanthol.

These are my favorite lipbalms for this winter! So enjoy the cold season with fabulous well-tended lips. 🙂

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