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It’s christmas time! Since several weeks you get gingerbread, cinnamon cookies, “Aachener Printen” and almond biscuit. Now it’s time to bake our own cookies. I made some sweet little cookies of shortcrust. It’s the best dough for cookie cutters. I have several cookie cutters, but my new love is the cookie stamp. ❤

Kekse backen-1

Ingredients for the shortcrust

250 g | wheat flour
1 pinch | salt
1 | egg
125 g | butter
7-10 g | vanilla sugar
70-100 g | sugar

Put it all in a bowl and mix it!


If you wanna do some colorful sugar topic on your cookies you need:
100 g sugar powder
2 tb

You also can put some food coloring into the icing. It’s really funny and kids love it (me too)! 😉

If the dough is too sticky drop it into a fridge for 30 minutes. Afterwards you have to roll out the dough. Take a little cup for espresso and trump some round cookies of the dough. Put them on a baking sheet and now stamp every cookie with your cookie stamp. 🙂 Your oven should be very warm: Bake the cookies at 392°F.

After 8-10 minutes fetch them of the oven – ready! 🙂

Let the cookies cool down (maybe 10-15 minutes) than you can spread the icing on it or something else (like chocolate…) #nomnomnom

#cookie stamp | Grafik Werkstatt

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