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“Wherever we are is museum.”

Eva & Adele

Hey peeps. As I had my wisdom teeth moved out on Thursday we have to celebrate #artbookfriday on a Saturday this week. Sorry to let you wait.

This week’s book is an exhibition catalogue from the Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris. They’re showing the early works of the German artist duo Eva & Adele until February 26, 2017. Eva & Adele are by far two of my favorite contemporary artists because they’re a big inspiration. I met them a couple of times in the last years and they’re both wonderful. I don’t know if I ever met someone else so polite, well mannered and more positive. You just have to like and adore them. And at the same time they’re living art every moment in life.

Eva & Adele, in front of Marta Herford in 2015.
Eva & Adele, in front of Marta Herford in 2015.

Since 1989, Eva & Adele have appeared on art exhibitions and openings, but also in public space. They appear in matching eccentric, often pink-colored lady’s costumes, stiletto shoes, handbags, with bald heads and colorful painted faces. The artists understand themselves as “work of art”, life as art and art as life. Although their outward appearance is feminine, they stand for a gender identity which is not defined by society, but freely chosen. One of their slogans: Over the Boundaries of Gender. They actually often refer to Plato’s third gender which is neither male nor female but something else. It’s a highly interesting concept and it’s very inspiring to discuss it with them.

They appear like every visitor in exhibitions and communicate with other visitors. The resulting photographs are sent to them by the recipients and are transformed into images in the studio, that is, they are returned to the art context. Eva & Adele also deal with photographs that they find in the media of themselves. This work complex is called Mediaplastic and is represented in the book by the way.

In contrast to Gilbert & George, who also see themselves as a living work of art, Eva & Adele conceal their real identity. Their artificial appearance does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the two persons. Their slogan: Coming out of Future. As a biography, they merely indicate their body measurements, just as a work of art is measured. One of the most impressive facts about these two artists is for me that they spend every minute of their lives with each other since 1991. They live in Berlin and travel around in their all pink van. I can’t even imagine how it is to spend every minute every single day with someone, never being on your own. It’s a life dedicated to art in an extend which fascinates me since I’ve seen them for the first time.

So back to the new book about them. The exhibition “You Are My Biggest Inspiration” at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris is the first comprehensive solo show on the early days of the radical artist pair. In addition to the very first joint work, the video installation HELLAS (1989), the publication shows for the first time early key works focusing on the overall art work EVA & ADELE. The book shows examples from early painting, drawing, sculpture, video and of course a great deal of their matching outfits. It also includes three essays on their art and early works which are easy to read. If you’re a fan of them like me they won’t tell you anything new but if you don’t know much about them yet it’s a nice entry to understand what they do.

There’re plenty of books about Eva & Adele, this one is interesting because it includes their early work. It’s a good completion to my book collection and it’s great for all fans. If you never heard of Eva & Adele it’s a nice entry to their concept but it includes not enough text if you really want to deal with their concept.

The Book

Eva & Adele Eva & Adele Eva & Adele Eva & Adele Eva & Adele

#artbook |Eva & Adele: You’re my biggest inspiration

#language | English, French

#publisher | Hirmer

#ISBN | 978-3-7774-2614-3

#pages | 160

#published | 2016

you can get your copy here.

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