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We already told you we love cookbooks. Michelle showed you a month ago the wonderful book “Zu Gast bei Monet” and I presented you “The Kitchen” by Olafur Eliasson. And now it’s time for the next cookery and baking book! Yes – baking. I am a huge fan of baking. I love my baking oven. If you ask me what to take on an island it’s definitely a baking oven (and maybe this cook book I present you today). 😉

“Almas Küche” is a familial cook book by Alma Mahler-Werfel. Last weekend I tested the first recipe. And Julia, who wrote for us “Sweet, sweeter, Vienna”, is also a huge fan of good cakes and pastries. She had to test the result. Her first comment “Oh, Husarenkekse or Engelsaugen (eyes of an angel)”. I was very impressed, she knew both names. (My cookies look like eyes of the devil not of the angels… ;D ) In this cook book the recipe is titled with “Husarenkrapferln”. After eating some of those little sweeties, the result was clear: delicious.

Julia asked me, who Alma Mahler-Werfel is or was. So I was very happy to answer this question, because I read the book’s foreword about this interesting woman, a famous woman of the art scene. She was married with Gustav Mahler (composer), Walter Gropius (architect) and Franz Werfel (poet). You certainly heard one of these names, all of them were very famous. Alma was a socialite and her salon was an important part of the art scene in Vienna. The foreword was short, so I was interested to find more information about Alma. She sounds like a fascinating woman, so I read the wiki article about her and discovered the autobiography. That book seems to be very controversial. I think it’s part of my x-mas wish list.

The cook book is subdivided into eight chapters: appetizers, main dishes, cakes and pastries, base doughs, “Mehlspeisen” (fancy cakes), side dishes, desserts and miscellaneous. If you think this is the way Alma cooked by herself – you are wrong! Of course she had a cook, most of the recipes the cook wrote into the book. Only some recipes Alma wrote into it by herself, but she never cooked. ;D Cook books were familiar, every family had its own. This is the reason why this book is named “Almas Kitchen” (not Almas recipes). You get the an image what this woman ate with Gustav Klimt or Oskar Kokoschka and a lot of other famous people. Gustav Klimt was a coeval of Egon Schiele, too. This week the Vienna salon takes center stage on our blog. Take a look at our last blogpost.

“Almas kitchen” makes you to want more! More cookies, more delicious main dishes and more about Alma Mahler-Werfel.


#book | Almas Küche. Originalrezepte aus dem Kochbuch der Alma Mahler-Werfel

#author | Claudia Nemec

#language | German

#publisher | Seifert Verlag

#ISBN | 978-3-902924-44-5

#pages | 176

#published | 2016

you can get your copy here.

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