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After #artbookfriday had to be left out because I was at the bookfair in Frankfurt I am happy to be back with an awesome new title for you. It’s the reason I had my first real bookfair moment. Normally the bookfair is only work for me and I don’t have the time to visit any readings or events during the day but this year I was lucky. When I went to get some lunch on Thursday I met one of my favorite writers at his publisher’s booth. It was a classic coincident and I am still thrilled. So now it’s time to tell you how great his new book is 😉

Stevan Paul

First of all it’s beautiful, more beautiful than most novels. It has a full turquoise linen cover with the title imprinted and a bright red bookmark ribbon. That’s one of the reason I liked it straight away. I am a very visual person and I judge a book by its cover I have to admit.

So what’s so great about the story which is still far more important than the cover in the end. It’s all about the (fictional) young artist Gustav Glander who becomes the star of the Eat Art movement in New York in the 1990s. His culinary work and actions are spectacular productions and meet the nerve of the times, critics and collectors are full of praise for his works. But the young man from Germany feels uncomfortable with the circus we call art business. From one day to the other he disappears.

Twelve years later: a restaurant in Hamburg. The famous art critic Gerd Möninghaus sits in the dining room with his wife who writes for a women’s magazine. He sees a man at another table who seems strangely familiar to him. Could this be the famous Glander? A short time after this incident, unknown sketches of the missing artist appear in the editorial department of Möninghaus’ art magazine, so the committed journalist begins to research and the story begins. His search leads him from Hamburg to New York, to St. Moritz, Lake Constance and the Allgäu – and he makes a surprising discovery. It’s a fantastic story.

The book examines the question of the relation between food and art. It includes a perfect description of the crazy art world which is just hilarious and a must-read for everyone who loves art. Furthermore it’s a feast for food lovers. It’s also a story of love, of coming home and of freedom, to be able to reinvent yourself again and again.

I am pretty sure I will read this book again in a while and I highly recommend that you buy it 😉

The Book

Der große Glander

#book | Der große Glander

#author | Stevan Paul

#language | German

#publisher | Mairisch

#ISBN | 978-3-938539-40-8

#pages | 288

#published | 2016

you can get your copy here.

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