Jean Louis

United Air Lines stewardess uniform by Jean Louis 1968 Fashionaire, a Division of Hart, Schaffner & Marx Hat by Mae Hanauer Collection of SFO Museum Gift of United Airlines Historical Foundation Hat insignia: Gift of Georgia Panter Nielsen Photo credit: SFO Museum

Parisian by birth, Hollywood costumer Jean Louis (1907–1997) designed for hundreds of
leading ladies, including a famous strapless gown worn by Rita Hayworth in “Gilda.” A frequent
nominee and Oscar-winner, Louis had a long engagement with United Airlines and created this
uniform for the airline’s 4,500 stewardesses. The popular A-line, double knit wool skimmer is
slightly fitted and came with a choice of hemline length from top-of-the-knee to three inches
above. Worn from 1968 to 1970, the all-season outfit came in Hawaiian Sunset and Maliblue
with a Miami Sands stripe. Two optional dresses were also made in Miami Sands with a
Hawaiian Sunset or Maliblue stripe.

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