(Art)Books we love | It’s a London Thing by Fred Butler 

This #artbookfriday is for all the travel lovers of you. A couple of weeks ago a new London city guide was published by the great guys at Prestel. As London is my favorite city in Europe I was curious. I have a few city guides for London already and I could probably write one of my own, too. So normally I wouldn’t necessarily get another one but this one is different because it’s written by Fred Butler who is one of the coolest women of the world.

She is a London based blogger and fashion designer I absolutely adore. With her extraordinary style she pushes the boundaries of fashion and is an eye-catcher. That’s why she’s her own cover model, too. If you love fashion and art as I do you just have to like her. With her extravagant style Fred works successfully as a costume designer – her clients include stars like Lady Gaga, Björk and Nicki Minaj.

So she wrote her first book and it’s a London city guide and it’s far from ordinary. I think the title ‘It’s a London Thing’ says it all pretty much.

The guide is organized by neighborhoods (Central, South, East, West, North) and each chapter features a map with the recommendations. That’s how far it goes when it comes to classic city guide conditions with this book. You get the best of everything. Next to Fred’s own tips she asked her London friends for their favorite spots and there’s something for everyone in this book. From the ‘5 best alternative workout spots’ to ‘The top 5 record shops’. Her tips come with personal anecdotes and photos.

Of course there’re places in there you might know if you’ve been to London like the Camden Market which is one of my favorite places on earth, but there are a lot of spots I never heard of and which sound like true insiders. I think especially of little bars and interesting spots with a perfect view. I will definitely take this book to London the next time I’m going and see them for myself.

The only thing you might miss in this book is hotels. There’s not one single recommendation for places to stay which is a minus for a city guide but with air bnb and tripadvisor that’s something you can solve for yourself.

I can highly recommend this book for everybody who wants to explore London far from the typical tourist routes and get the true spirit of the city.

The Book

img_7784 img_7790 img_7788 img_7789

#book | It’s a London Thing. An Insider’s City Guide

#author | Fred Butler

#language | English

#publisher | Prestel

#ISBN | 978-3-7913-8166-4

#pages | 192

#published | 2016

you can get your copy here.

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