LABELS WE LOVE | Nogallery

On my walk at blickfang I saw so many wonderful labels. Some of them were really very expensive but amazing. The quality of the products legitimates the price. At my blogpost about blickfang I presented you some wonderful labels. Now it’s time to present you a label I have to pull out my purse. I had to buy something!

Nogallery is a label which creates wonderful letterings. With the help of state-of-the-art technology, new letterings made of different materials are created every day – painted in individual colors which makes them real eye-catchers. You can order different letterings for a birthday present or a wedding. You’ll find inspirations on their website with different words, but you can also create your own. Furthermore they have wonderful necklaces I fell in love with. And I had to buy some of them. 😀 Some of them are presents for friends. But also a visit to the studio in Cologne, which also serves as a shop, is worthwhile: In addition to words there are quite different treasures, such as lamps made from recycled nylon stockings or ornate jewelery. They also have a golden book there in which you can write ‘your’ words. If they include a word in they assortment, the happy finder gets the first version of it.

Nogallery will be at the blickfang events Vienna, Zurich, Stuttgart and Basel too. So keep an eye out for the stand at the trade fair.

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