#Foodporn in Berlin | Wilson’s Prime Rib Restaurant

I stay in Berlin a lot because of my job and I have to admit that I have a very ambivalent relationship with our capital. Don’t get me wrong I like big cities and I love travelling and all but Berlin never really got to me. I like Munich and Hamburg much more. But there’s one thing which is indeed really awesome about Berlin. It’s the town with the most awesome restaurants I know. There’s one for every taste and no matter if you have allergies or are looking for some extraordinary tastes and scents, Berlin has it all. So the one thing I truly love about Berlin is the food. As it seems that you’ll feel like I do (our articles about food and restaurants are popular) I am very happy I can present you another great restaurant worth visiting today.

In January I already told you everything about the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Berlin and located on the ground floor of the building you can find Wilson’s Prime Rib Restaurant. It’s a very classy, American style place. They were so kind to invite me and a friend to their menu of the month in September. It was a 5 course menu with accompanying wines.

As they specialize in US Prime Rib that was the main course that night. US Prime Rib is cut from the meager core of the high rib. It is packed air-tight and cooked in a 59° Celsius warm water bath for up to 9 hours which is called the “sous vide” process. After your order it’s grilled sharply and put into the oven at 220° Celsius for 10 minutes so its delicious crust can form. Believe me a well made Prime Rib is a feast and I hardly know any places in Germany where you can get it. As I also travel the US a lot I have high expectations when it comes to meat. I ate at some of the best steak restaurants and BBQs over there. Well the staff at Wilson’s made it up with my excitement and expectations. It was so delicious that I ate it all and I was already stuffed with the first three courses which were really nice, too. Honestly, I ate so much food that night that I still don’t know how I am able to eat again. My friend and I had a brilliant evening. The food was nice, the staff highly professional and super nice. So if you’re a fan of US Prime Rib or interested in trying it, I can recommend the Wilson’s in Berlin.

img_7562 img_7563 img_7564 img_7565 img_7567 img_7569 img_7570 img_7574 img_7576 img_7578 img_7580


In cooperation with Wilson’s Prime Rib Restaurant.

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