Graffiti Girl Kostüme von Jean Paul Gaultier | Foto: Bernhard Musil

Jean Paul Gaultier meets Berlin | THE ONE

Fashion designers and opera – once again! After the amazing cooperation between Valentino and Opera di Roma, Berlin starts a cooperation with Jean Paul Gaultier. The One Grand Show at Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin presents the new show from 22 September.

The show is a dream – a dream of the actress. It was also a dream for Jean Paul Gaultier to be part of a revue. “I have dreamed of working on a revue ever since I was a little boy,” he said. Now he had the chance to create glamorous costumes. The famous designer is well known for its striped marine shirts and the amazing outfit of Madonna’s Blond Ambition Tour. A lot of artists like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Tina Turner or Red Hot Chili Peppers already worked with him.

Now he creates 500 costumes for the new show in Berlin. Over 100 actress will take part of this show. And the budget of the production is eleven million euros. It’s the most lavish show in Europe.

What’s the story of the show?

An underground party rouses an abandoned revue theatre from a deep sleep. A young guest loses himself in the extraordinary aura of this stunning setting. The former theatre director rekindles the splendour and glamour of times past in his mind’s eye. Past and present blur in a euphoric waking dream. While everything breaks apart around him, begins to spin and even the ground opens up beneath him, he senses what he seeks: that one person to support him.

#location | Friedrichstadt – Palast Berlin

#show | THE ONE. Grand Show

#opening | from 22 September 2016 until 2018

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