#25Colorado | 25 Years of Cat Boots

As a blogger you get plenty of press emails and normally I ignore all of them, but if something is about art and fashion it might catch my eye. This happened last week when Cat announced their 25th company birthday. Being a dog owner I am a big fan of the classic Colorado Boot and pretty thrilled that they invited 27 artists from 18 countries to make their classic boot a piece of art.

What started with the industrial workforce in 1991 was soon to be adopted into street culture as a statement of individuality and integrity. Born in a time of bold statements and empowerment, the Colorado quickly became an iconic silhouette for the fashion forward urbanites of the nineties. Remember those days? It’s still one of my favorite fashion decades and I am very happy the 90ies are back.

The artists are Anton Unai Villelabeitia (Germany), Cassandra Verity Green, Sam Dunn, Rob Lowe (England), Walter Laguerre, Benjamin Van Blancke (France), Ben Amoyal (Israel), Kaname Mouri, Kenzi Katayama (Japan), Nikos Panagiotarakos (Greece), Gregory Morfi (Cyprus), Xenson Znja (Uganda), Julia Kaninina, Boris Ponomarev, Andrey Samsonov, Kirill Sokolov (Russia), Ana Sofia Sousa, Gabriel Garcia, Tamara Alves (Portugal), Sila Yucesoy (Turkey), Hugo Tanghe (Belgium), Jonas Nyberg (Sweden), Luca Berioli (Italy), Carlos Diez (Spain), Lucas Lasnier (Argentina).

It’s interesting how different they interpreted the invitation to make shoes a piece of art. Some of them are truly sculptures and some are really wearable.

My favorite style is the one by Julia Kaninina from Russia because they’re cute and you could actually wear them 😉

Colorado Boot by Julia Kaninina
Colorado Boot by Julia Kaninina

Find more about the artists on the CAT website.

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