Coffee beans

What you need to know if you’re a coffee lover 


Two weeks ago I attended a blogger event again. This time it was not about fashion or art but all about coffee. The Hannoversche Kaffeemanufaktur (coffee manufacture) invited a bunch of bloggers to a coffee tasting. I was really grateful for the invitation because I am a big coffee lover. Wouldn’t know what to do without it 😉 Well, except for the great opportunity to learn something about coffee and the production of it, we were allowed to bring someone. That was a really nice treat. The thing with having a blog is that it takes a lot of time and going to events usually means losing part of my relationship time. So happy me took my boyfriend to the event and most of the other bloggers did that, too. So we were a pretty large group of approximately 25 people.

The Roastery

The event was on a Saturday when the manufacture is closed. We got a very warm welcome by the owner Andreas Berndt who opened the place in 2012 after he quit his job and travelled the world to find the best coffees and start his own business. I like stories like that. Andreas Berndt was a great host and his passion is nothing less than the perfect coffee.

After everyone introduced themselves we went into the heart of the production process: the roastery. We learned so much about coffee, especially why a good coffee is more expensive than the standard one from your supermarket. It just takes more time!

Did you know that all coffee beans are green and smell like dry peas? It was very interesting to see and smell different types of coffee beans before they were roasted. And do you know people who say that they can’t drink coffee because of their stomach? Or people who don’t drink coffee in the evening? It’s not because of the caffeine but because of the tannins (German = Gerbstoffe) which are naturally in the beans and very unhealthy. It takes about 17 minutes for them to vanish during the roasting process. So the thing with industrial coffee is that it’s only roasted for 2-3 minutes or well, burned by 800°C. All the bad tannins stay inside and that’s the reason why some people get stomach pain from it or can’t sleep after a cup. In Hannover the beans are roasted for about 23 minutes by only 190°C. After the roasting the coffee has to cool down. In the industry they pour cold water on it which takes away a lot of the flavor but of course if time is money this is what you get. In the manufacture in Hannover the beans dry out the natural way. The whole process is very fascinating and kind of a science really.

Coffee Tasting

After we learned how a good coffee is produced we were invited to a coffee tasting. Our senses travelled from Ethiopia over Brazil to Mexico. A coffee bean can have about 1100 different flavors from which only 843 are identified by science yet. Coffee can be like a good wine.

During the tasting we had the chance to ask everything we always wanted to know about the perfect way to brew coffee. And to be honest, it’s a question of taste. I prefer to use a French press for example. It’s more important what kind of coffee you buy than how you brew it, but there’re still a few things good to know. You need about 55 – 60 grams of coffee in a liter of water. The water should have a temperature between 85-90°C. So when you turned your kettle off you need to wait a couple of minutes until it’s not boiling anymore. If you use a standard coffee machine you should look for a model which can get that hot because many of the cheap models won’t get hotter than 70°C.

The easiest way to find out if a coffee is of high quality you need to let it cool down and try it when it’s cold. Sounds funny, right? But every high quality coffee is still enjoyable cold. Bad ones are not.

Barista Class

After the coffee tasting we continued with a barista class and learned how to create the perfect cappuccino and how to make those amazing images with milk on top of it. Well, it looks much easier than it is. And as I drink my coffee all black I don’t see myself getting any practice.


Thank you

Gruppenfoto Blogger Event (2)

The afternoon in Hannover was over too soon but we had a blast. It was definitely one of the best blogger events I ever went to. So thanks a lot for the invitation and everyone who made the day so wonderful.

These are all the participating bloggers (alphabetical order):

Alexa & DanielArmin & SarahCatharinaCanDanielaEvelinaJanaLouisaLauraMonikaMiriamManuNina JasminTheresaTinaThomasTess

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