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It’s #artbookfriday again and after some weeks with a lack of new books I am happy “to be back”. Wera showed you some awesome books during the last weeks but I was seriously missing my weekly dose of bookish awesomeness.

I am back this week with an inspiring autobiography by a fascinating woman: Isabella Rossellini.

Isabella Rossellini (* 1952) is an Italian-American model who became an actress and filmmaker. The daughter of the famous Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman and the independent filmmaker Roberto Rossellini is noted for her successful tenure as a Lancôme model, and for her roles in films such as Blue Velvet (1986) and Death Becomes Her (1992). She also received a Golden Globe Award nomination for her performance in Crime of the Century (1996). She was married to Martin Scorsese, David Lynch and Gary Oldman. Today she has an alternative farm where she grows organic food and breeds chickens in Bellport, New York. But she’s still very big in business. You can see her on Sky these days where she hosts the show Masters of Photography which is very interesting.

All in all she wrote three books until today. Her memoir, Some of Me (1997), Looking at Me (on pictures and photographers, 2002), and In the name of the Father, the Daughter and the Holy Spirits: Remembering Roberto Rossellini (2006). I have to admit I never knew she has written any books before the publishing house Schirmer Mosel decided to publish her biography Some of Me again this year. It was out of stock for ages.

When she wrote it in 1997 it was a turning point in her life. She just lost the big contract with Lancôme which she had for 12 years because she was considered “too old” when she turned 40. Can you imagine that? It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read in the last weeks. Isabella Rossellini is one of the most stunning women I know, but the fashion and beauty industry needed a long time to realize that aging women are beautiful, too. And they realized their mistake 😉 she’s back as Lancôme’s face – being 63 today. That must have been a very satisfying moment in her life.

So the book is not just a lifetime story of someone but a reflection of the fashion industry and the time. It’s also about photography (Rossellini worked with the greatest photographers of the century), style and being different than others. But it’s far away from being bitter or anything. Rossellini has an amusing way of telling stories and she knows some good ones. I needed a couple of pages to get attached to her style of writing because it’s very open and straight and not literary at all. I usually don’t read books like this. But she’s fabulous and you just like her and as soon as you do you can’t stop. I just had to know it all. You get some nice insights and true gossip straight out of Hollywood.

On top of all, the book is beautifully made. It’s a classical hardcover with a dust jacket. I fell in love with the endpapers straight away. The green feather design is so cute. The choice of glossy paper on the inside is also well made. As there are a couple of images inside the paper is just perfect. Last but not least it has a green bookmark ribbon and I love those. They’re kind of essential for a great book. It makes the production more expensive but it’s worth it. I never got why most modern books don’t have them anymore.

This little book is just the perfect summer read: highly entertaining, amusing and easy to read. It would also make a great present.

The Book

Isabella Rossellini Isabella Rossellini FullSizeRender[3]

#book | Isabella Rossellini: Some of Me

#author | Isabella Rossellini

#language | German

#publisher | Schirmer Mosel

#ISBN | 978-3-8296-0772-8

#pages | 192

#published | 2016 (new edition)

unfortunately the publisher doesn’t have an online store. So there’s no direct link today. But you can get it in every local book store.

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