People Design Berlin

Today I like to tell you about a group of awesome people who are in charge of a great and very special fashion project in Berlin: People Berlin.

The concept of People Berlin is simple. Designers and a creative team working together with homeless children to create special editions that include both fashion and design objects to give the ideas of young people a voice. It’s a project by Karuna e.V., Hilfe für Jugendliche in Not (help for young people in need). Street children, young people with an addiction background or mental illness, are given the possibility of dealing with fashion and art. The creative work helps them to overcome a lack of prospects and to discover their own strengths. Fashion and art are also ideal mediums to transport the visions and ideas of young people and to create an awareness of it within society.

Last weekend was the grand opening of their new temporary shop in Berlin. If you have the chance you should visit it until September 10, 2016. They present their second edition Schnee im Sommer (Snow in summer) there right now.

The edition is about the essential question of home and trying to escape it. The concept of a home is different for every person and it’s interesting how the children and young adults deal with it and reflect it.

The temporary shop is therefore not just a regular pop-up store but an invitation to discuss our society and enable an exchange of people with different social origins.

I’m very impressed by their effort and especially the outcome of the project.

Image Credits

Photos: Sebastian Mayer
Makeup: Artur Galeno / Laura Sanson
Models: Lucy and Margaryta I Viva Models
Shoes: People Berlin x Réka Tihanyi

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