sustainable #ootd | Armedangels’ dress meets TOMS shoes

A couple of days ago I had an inspiring little lunch break chat with my colleagues at work. We talked about the fashion industry and the topic of fast fashion came up. Well, I brought it up when I told them that I stopped to buy stuff at places like H&M years ago. Some of them still believe that fair fashion is an expensive luxury for just a few. As this is so wrong I felt the need again to give you some inspiration where to shop if you’re looking for an alternative to fast fashion. It seems that a lot of people just don’t know where to look for affordable, stylish fair fashion.

So this week’s outfit is dedicated to all of you who want to make the world a better place and still look awesome. It’s also about basics. I told you a lot about very special young labels which make a difference and unique clothes. So today is all about two labels which offer you the daily basics every woman (and man) needs in her wardrobe.

My blue shirt dress is one of the basics in my wardrobe because it’s just great for many occasions. You can wear it simple as a dress like I did for the shoot, but you could also combine it with a jeans or black trousers and wear it to work. It also goes perfectly with tights and high heels. So this is something for several looks and it will make you happy for years. I bought it at the online store ARMEDANGELS. It’s an awesome label. They create basics for your everyday life and it’s not just fair fashion but also green fashion. They use only natural, organic fabrics and no chemicals. They also pay fair wages to all their employees. The product prizes are fair and decent, too. So shopping there is a win-win situation.

The dress looks totally gorgeous in combination with my new artsy shoes I bought in Munich. They have a Keith Haring print on them. I bought them at a regular store but you can also get them online. They’re made by the label TOMS which is one of the coolest shoe labels I know. They also produce handbags and sun glasses. The philosophy of the company is called ‘One for One’ and is really great. For every product you buy they help someone in need. If you buy a pair of shoes they will give another pair to a child. If you buy sun glasses they will help someone get their eyesight back and if you buy a handbag they will help a woman to have a safe childbirth which is still not guaranteed in a lot of countries. They also make special editions for different charities. So you don’t just buy something which is fairly produced and made from sustainable materials but you also help someone in need. If that’s not awesome, what is?! The shoes are really comfy, too and I already plan on getting some for fall. They make a huge variety of styles like wedges, sandals, boots and many more. And for those of you who live a vegan life they also have some vegan options and they have a kids section.

So I hope more of you will pass those horrible fast fashion stores in the future and check out these alternatives.

My Outfit

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