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Have you ever visited one of those fantastic islands in the world like the Seychelles, Philippines, Hawaii or the South Seas (Samoa, Fiji or Tahiti)? A few years ago I traveled to Kaua’i and O’ahu. The two islands are part of the Hawaiian archipelago. The capital is Honolulu, it’s on O’ahu. Kaua’i is known as the “Garden Isle” and it’s true. It’s such a wonderful and magical place on this earth, I miss it! If I ever get the chance to travel again to this island, you will only see a dust cloud of me, because I am already on the way to this amazing place. I am totally excited by this place.

Kaua’i - Garden Isle
Kaua’i – Garden Isle

Do you have a favorite island? I also like the small islands in Germany – never mind if it’s the North Sea or the Baltic Sea. If you visit the North Sea the water is sometimes rough, it feels like it’s always cold, it’s often rainy and all the rest of it… I like it. Sometimes. 😉

Baltic Sea

Artists were also traveling around the world to find new inspirations. One of the favorite places seems to be the South Seas. One of the famous artists was Paul Gauguin, he loved the paradise of Tahiti. He painted the world he would like to see (not the truth). He traveled two times to Tahiti and died 1903 on Marquesas. Other artists dreamed of paradise, too: Max and Lotte Pechstein.

Max Pechstein went on a journey to the Palau islands in 1914. (Henri Matisse, Per Kirkeby, Emil Nolde… traveled to the South Sea, too.) It seems like those unique islands were magical places for a lot of artists. Now the catalogue “Der Traum vom Paradies. Max und Lotte Pechsteins Reise in die Südsee” (The dream of the paradise. Max and Lotte Pechsteins journeys to the South Sea) is published. I love the artworks of the expressionists, so I was happy to get this new art book, because I didn’t know the art work of Pechstein. Last year Michelle and I visited the Gauguin exhibition in Basel – and it was really amazing. And several years ago (2008) there was a fantastic exhibition in Münster: “Orte der Sehnsucht” (Places of craving).

This catalogue animates me to dream of my little paradise, I discovered during my journey for several years. The first big chapter is about the paradise, the second one represents the diaries of Max and Lotte Pechstein. I am really very sorry, I didn’t read all the chapters, I was looking all the time at the wonderful paintings of Pechstein. Sometimes I read some quotes of Pechstein, he describes the way how the indigen lived on Palau.

During my read of the chapter of “Gauguin-Imitator?” I smiled. Yes, the paintings of Gauguin and Pechstein look similar, but they are both gorgeous! If you are interested in the journeys to those amazing places, you must own this art book, too. This book “Der Traum vom Paradies” will find a place next to the Gauguin catalogue in my bookcase. J

Now – start dreaming of the sun, beach, exotic plants and the swoosh of the sea.

#book | Der Traum vom Paradies

#author | Kunstsammlungen Zwickau, Max-Pechstein-Museum

#language | German

#publisher | Kerber Verlag

#ISBN | 978-3-7356-0237-4

#pages | 224

#published | 2016

you can get your copy here.

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