#review | Yves Saint Laurent

Last weekend it was rainy, so I used an opportunity to watch a movie about one of the greatest designers in the world. I already wrote about the special exhibition of YSL at the Bowes Museum, which was presented last year in the UK. Now I have a completely different kind of view on this gorgeous artist.

The film “Yves Saint Laurent” was published in 2014 – and it took me two years to watch this movie. I feel ashamed, because I really liked the movie. In museums all over the world you can see his important work. This man lived haute couture, but who was YSL? This part is told in “YSL”. I knew YSL and Pierre Bergé had a relationship, but I wasn’t aware during which time they had and for how long this was.

The film “Yves Saint Laurant” is a drama and wonderful sad love story. It starts when YSL was 21 years old and he became the art director of Dior. At the age of 22 he met Pierre Bergé and they became a couple. This movie shows the ups and downs of the next 20 or 30 years. The breakup of Pierre and Yves made me really very sad. They were so cute – and it seems like Pierre was always at Yves side, never mind if they were a couple or not. In a strange way they belong together. They built up the fashion empire of YSL.

You don’t learn so much about the fashion and the different collections. It’s a very private movie about his internal conflicts, his depressions, his outbursts of fury or reluctance. It delivers insights into his different personalities. On one hand he knew what he wants, when he created new collections – he was a talent, on the other hand he had a complex personality – a shy guy, with depressions, yet he loves to party in his young days.

So this movie introduces you into the personal world of YSL – not in his fashion world. This is why I liked this movie so much, it was different (and the actor Pierre Niney was really awesome)!

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