A perfect day in Munich

Last week I told you all about the charming hotel I stayed in while in Munich two weeks ago. So today will be all about the perfect day in Munich. It’s always tough to decide what to do while on a city trip, so I just like to tell you how I spend an ideal day in Munich. So if you have just one day this would be my recommendation. At least as long this day is in summer time. It would also work in spring or autumn but definitely not in winter.

This blog post is furthermore part of the blog series #kulttrip by the German Tanja Praske who asked to write a post about the best places to visit during a summer break. It’s a great topic and there’re already fantastic recommendations which inspired me for my future holidays.

So my perfect day in Munich starts with a museum of course 😉 I usually start with them if I plan to visit one during the day. The reasons are pretty simple. Museums are usually less crowded in the morning and you still have all your daily energy to watch art and read the texts or to maybe join a guided tour. There are plenty of great museums in Munich and they’re all awesome but my absolute favorite place is the Pinakothek der Moderne. I always go there when I am in Munich because I love the permanent collection and the building is beautiful, too. It’s a must-see if you’re in Munich. And just to give you a random fact about me this is also one of the places where I decided I want to study art history. As an alternative for the morning I would recommend the Lenbachhaus which is in the same area of Munich. They have a very lovely garden to sit in and also a nice permanent collection to discover. You should plan about have a day for the Pinakothek der Moderne and at least two hours for Lenbachhaus if you like to see the whole place.

Pinakothek der Moderne

Pinakothek der Moderne München
In front of the Pinakothek der Moderne.


No matter which museum you choose you will be exhausted afterwards as there is so much to see and take in. So the best place to go next is Ballabeni – the ice cream parlor. It’s located right behind the Museum Brandhorst in the back of the Pinakothek der Moderne and it serves by far THE best ice cream in Munich. You will easily recognize it by the long waiting line in front of it 😉 but believe me it’s worth to wait in line.


So after you had some delicious home-made ice cream you can rather hop on bus number 100 which is called the museum line and go on to the English Garden. You can also do a very cheap sightseeing tour with this bus as it stops at all big museums in Munich and passes most of the touristic hotspots in the city. If you don’t fell like going to the English Garden yet and relax a little you can also walk down Türkenstraße from Ballebeni and do some shopping. Türkenstraße and Schellingstraße in the same area are my favorite places for shopping in Munich. You can find the cutest boutiques, galleries and book stores down there. And if you’re already hungry there’re also plenty of little restaurants for every taste.

So with or without shopping now it’s time for the English Garden. It’s a magnificent place. I always enter it on the right of Haus der Kunst, because there is the location of Fräulein Grüneis. It’s a charming little place where you can get food and drinks and just sit outside and enjoy yourself. This is also one of these places I always visit while I’m in Munich. After a stop here you’re ready to walk through the park for the rest of the afternoon.

Fräulein Grüneis

After such a long day it’s important to go to a great place for dinner and there’re plenty of options in Munich. You can do a classical tourist thing and just go to the Hofbräuhaus or an Augustiner and enjoy some Bavarian food. Or you can go to an awesome Italian restaurant. If you’re in the mood for that I would recommend Pepenero. We went there because it’s located just opposite of the hotel we stayed in and it was a pretty good choice. The food was brilliant and they had my favorite Italian wine which is hard to find in most restaurants.


Another but more expensive Italian place in that area is La Stanza. If you’re nether in the mood for Bavarian nor Italian food you might like authentic Spanish tapas? This is a real secret tip as this restaurant is deep in the south of Munich and hard to find. But if you love tapas and you’re not to tired after this day you should go to the Bodega Enlatado. I went there on my last evening in Munich and had a blast 😉

As you can see it wasn’t that easy to tell you what the perfect day would look like because there’re so many places I love in Munich. But I am sure you can just pick the things you like for yourself and create your own perfect day with these recommendations.

3 thoughts on “A perfect day in Munich

  1. Dear Michelle,

    merci beaucoup for this fine #KultTrip! I love the combination of museums, livestyle and tips for restaurants. Of course I do know the museums, but I love it always to read and see something about them. Thank you for the restaurants, I’ll try them one day.



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