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The trend of coloring books for adults is not really a new one. There are bestsellers out there a lot of my friends seem to own. It’s a thing I get but I don’t have much time for and therefore this post is more a recommendation for people like me who need a nice present for these coloring book loving friends. It’s also invites you to a little time travel back to the 1950ies.

When I discovered Vogue: the coloring book a while ago, I knew I need to write about it because it seems to be a pretty cool idea and a great theme for a coloring book. The 1950ies were glamorous times for the fashion industry and they’re unforgettable. The couturiers tailored elegant hourglass silhouettes, lush flowing dresses and sweeping hats. The coloring book revives this glamorous epoch and presents 90 hand-drawn illustrations of the most important designers of these years such as Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy and Chanel. Brief accompanying texts give original style tips from the time and sound retrospectively wacky, charming and amusing at the same time. Inspired by iconic photographs from Vogue magazine the illustrations animate you to grap some pens and to discover the fashion designer in yourself. Or you create your own version of famous Vogue covers which are also included in the book. The book has a really great quality and even a dust jacket.

The award-winning author Iain R. Webb is a visiting professor of fashion at the Royal College of Art in London. He previously worked as a fashion editor for various newspapers and magazines, including the Evening Standard, The Times and Elle, and wrote articles for The New York Times and Vogue. He also wrote several books on fashion and fashion history and worked as curator on various projects and exhibitions. He lives in Bath, UK, and operates the blog HOPE AND GLITTER which I can also recommend because it’s very interesting and entertaining.

I have to say he chose the images very well, even non-colored they’re all beautiful and nice to look at. It’s the perfect gift for fashion lovers who like coloring books.

The Book

img_7291 img_7292 img_7293 img_7294 img_7296

#book | Vogue: the coloring book

#author | Iain R. Webb

#language | German or Englisch

#publisher | Prestel (German), Octopus Publishing (English)

#ISBN | 978-3-7913-8240-1

#pages | 96

#published | 2016

you can get your copy here.

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