#museum | Summertime is…

What’s summertime for you?

For some of us it’s the best time of the year, best time for travelling, for weddings, for beach parties, sailing, surfing, barbecues, cocktails, meeting friends in the sunshine, night walks, smelling flowers, swimming in a lake, playing Frisbee, visiting a museum for cooling down and so on. But one of my favorite passion is eating a delicious ice cream.

Last week Michelle had an ice cream in Munich, which looks really fantastic – and I think it was very delicious. I tested several ice cream parlors: Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Greece, Italy, France, Florida… I really love ice cream. So I was really surprised when I read about a special museum: Museum of Ice Cream. It’s something like a pop-up museum. It is open from July 29th until August 31st.

But what’s inside this freaky museum?

The Museum of Ice Cream is curated by a collective of ice cream obsessed designers, artists, and friends.
Museum of Ice Cream interactive highlights include a swimmable rainbow ‘sprinkle’ pool, edible balloons, an immersive chocolate room and a collaborative massive ice cream sundae. Guests will swing on an ice cream sandwich made for two, seesaw on an ice cream scooper and find their match/favorite flavor on a custom app in Tinder Land. Visitors will indulge in an exclusive, one-of-a-kind ice cream tasting created by food futurist and overall rad scientist Dr. Irwin Adam, founder of Future Food Studio. Visual designs from renowned NYC artists will serve as the cherry on top of this modern, whimsical urban ice cream playground.


Seriously – never mind what you get to see, I would definitely visit this (first?) pop-up museum. But it’s in New York and now some bad news, the tickets are sold out. 😦

I hope someone else is getting some tickets and will blog about the museum!

#museum | Museum of Ice Cream

#opening hours | July 29th – August 31st 2016 (sold out)

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