Plattform Fashion 2016

Platform Fashion DüsseldorfLast weekend I attended Platform Fashion again in Düsseldorf. I’ve been there last summer, too and I liked it a lot. You can read all about last year in this post. This year was different of course but unfortunately I didn’t like it so much. Last year they had a nail bar and a styling and make-up area before the show. I really missed that this year. It was so much fun. A positive thing to say is that we didn’t have to wait outside for the shows. It’s way nicer when you’re able to be inside and have a drink instead of standing in the street.

Another great thing about last weekend was that I finally met some blogger girls in person. It’s great if you read blogs and know people online but it’s much nicer to meet. So that’s another big plus about the weekend in Düsseldorf.

Platform Fashion Düsseldorf

Tabea, Lilli, Katharina and me.

Platform Fashion Düsseldorf

One of my favorite German bloggers Caro and me just before the Lexus show.

Well, and in the end it’s all about fashion. I discovered some great designers again and I will give you my highlights below. I was a bit disappointed by the Lexus 3D Fashion show though. They made quite a big deal about it and in the end it was kind of a bad copy of an Iris van Herpen show. She is the pioneer in 3D printing couture and definitely the best! You can find a video of one of her amazing shows in this post. But the staging of Lexus was very impressive and at least I liked the presented car.

All in all I had a great time. I saw some beautiful clothes and discovered new labels I didn’t know about before. It was also nice to spend some time with the girls and the hosts of the show provided us with a nice little goodie bag again.

Platform Fashion Düsseldorf

Fashion Highlights

Masha Schubbach

Masha Schubbach is a 20 year old fashion design student from Sigmaringen. She already has her own lingerie label and her goal is nothing less than producing the perfect underwear for every female body. I really liked her style. It’s classy but interesting and the pieces looked amazing. As the pieces are pretty expensive they will be on my wish list for a while I guess.


LYVEM is a young fashion label from Austria, which focuses on ready-to-wear fashion for women. The pieces are timeless; their focus is on simple cuts and a clear line. They also place great emphasis on quality, transparency and fair conditions in the manufacture of their collections. I could totally see myself wearing some of the pieces at work. And by the way their summer sale is still on.

Leslie Huhn

The ambitious young designer Leslie Huhn produces high-quality unique leather jackets. This was by far my absolute highlight of the shows. There is hardly any piece I adore more than a beautiful leather jacket. If you find THE one you can keep it all your life. It will never be out of fashion. I checked the jackets out right after the show and the quality is amazing. This is so on my wish list!

10 thoughts on “Plattform Fashion 2016

    1. Hallo Nina, da schaue ich doch direkt gleich mal. Zwei Tage sind mir immer Zuviel mit der Fahrerei ehrlich gesagt 😉 aber das Blogger Frühstück war bestimmt auch super.
      Liebe Grüße


  1. Echt ein toller Post! 🙂 Ich war am Sonntag beim Blogger Frühstück und bei der GALLERY Messe. Ich fand das alles echt sehr spaßig und interessant 🙂 Vielleicht magst du ein paar Inspirationen auf meinem Blog sammeln? Da habe ich nämlich über den Tag berichtet. Vielleicht sieht man sich ja nächstes Mal.

    Liebe Grüße
    Ivy von

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    1. Würde mich freuen wenn wir uns nächstes Mal sehen 🙂 nach euren Beiträgen möchte ich auch mal Sonntags fahren statt Samstags. Wobei der Samstag auch super nett ist 🙂 nur so tolles Essen gibt es da nicht. Habe gerade auch versucht bei dir zu kommentieren, aber irgendwie klappt das auf dem Handy gerade nicht 😦
      Liebe Grüße


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