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Everyone knows fair trade. Fair trade coffee, fair trade chocolate, fair trade tea, fair trade wine, fair trade cookies – you get a lot of products with the label fair trade. But what about fashion? Michelle presented some labels already which produce fair trade bags or clothes. Skunkfunk is one of those labels, the dresses, skirts, shirts are very coloful and youthful. I really like this label- especially their bags. ❤

Fashion made fair - Skunkfunk produces wonderful bags (green label!)
Fashion made fair – Skunkfunk produces wonderful bags (green label!)
An other label is Recycled Bags Co., Michelle also presented a bag in her last blogpost. This little bag is really very cute and I am always very astonished what kind of labels Michelle is tracking down. Sure, you can google, but it’s a little boring. 😉 I found another way to discover several fair trade labels: the newly published book “Fashion made fair”. Yes, it’s #artbookfriday! And this book was recently published by Prestel – in German and in English!

This book presents 33 designers and labels from all over the world, who made fair fashion. And fair fashion changed! It’s not the same of the 1970s or 1980s, shapeless dresses without any cut. Today fair fashion is stylish, fashionable, trendy and it looks very georgous. This kind of type “is still searching for a name with an attractive ring to it. Descriptions like sustainable fashion, green fashion, ethical fashion, eco-fair fashion or slow fashion stamp it in a way that most designers neither want nor appreciate”, the authors Ellen Köhrer and Magdalnea Schafferin put the problem of the description in a nutshell. Fashion is one of the most damaging industries worldwide, so it’s more important for us, to pay attention how fashion is produced! There a lot of aspects which are relevant for fair fashion. (We also wrote about the exhibition “Fast fashion”.)

Fair fashion is highly topical! So I was excited, when I discovered this book and very surprised when I read the name of Vivienne Westwood! She is one of my favourite designers and during my read of the article on her new collection (spring/summer 2016) and the way she works I am a little bit impressed. Part of her collection are bags by the EFI Africa Collection. They were produced in Kenia (with an Ethical Fashion Initiative, part of the International Trade Centre). Those bags are handmade and it’s not a charity project, it’s business! Really you should read it, you’d be surprised!

Other labels are “KOWTOW” (New Zealand), “M.Patmos” (USA), “Living Blue” (Bangladesh), “Reet aus” (Estonia), “Johanna Riplinger” (France), “Pyua” (Germany), “Freitag” (Schweiz) and a lot of more fair fashion labels. This is not high fashion, the labels have some sportive outfits, casual clothes or stylish dresses, some of them I would like to have…

So if you are looking out for an inspiration of fair fashion and designers and labels – have a look inside this book!!!

#artbook | Fashion Made Fair: Modern_Innovative_Sustainable

#language | English / German

#publisher | Prestel

#ISBN | 3791381768 / 978-3-7913-8175-6

#pages | 192

#published | 20126

you can get your copy here.

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