Hamburg | City of Coffee

Hamburg belongs to the cities of coffee. Maybe it’s THE city of coffee. If you want to drink a cup of coffee with your friends in Hamburg, you mustn’t go to Starbucks or somewhere else. You are looking out for the perfect coffee shop with the best coffee. What’s the thing about hamburg and coffee?

Tradition of coffee

In 1887 the first coffee exchange opened in Hamburg. This place had international importance. And Hamburg was a city with a big share in trading. The Kaffeebörse was located at the heart of the ‘Speicherstadt’ at Sandtorkai. After World War I and II the trade was in its final throes. Bombs destroyed the building. In 1950 the coffee exchange reopened at Speicherblock H. Today it’s a wonderful hotel (Ameron Hotel Speicherstadt), which I recommend. And just a funny note by the way: Hamburg had a coffeehouse before Vienna had its first one! 😉


Coffee roasters

Today Hamburg is surrounded by lots of small coffee roasters. One better than the other! So you have to do a research to find the best coffee roaster and coffee shops in this city. I have already tested a lot of them, some others are on my to-do-list!

Lagerstr. 34c
20357 Hamburg

Delicious! You’ll find this café next to the subway station “Sternschanze”. They roast the coffee inwards the café.

Stockholm Espresso Club
Peter-Marquard-Str. 8
22303 Hamburg

A small café, but the consulting of coffee you like is brilliant! The perfect service to get your perfect coffee! Absolutely amazing!

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Breaktime! #coffee ☕ Best coffee in town!

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Less Political
Sternstr. 68
20357 Hamburg

Some of my friends told me, this is one of the best coffee shops. I need to test by myself!

Milch Feinkost
Ditmar-Koel-Str. 22
20459 Hamburg

Next to the jetties this is one of the best coffee shops. And if you are hungry you’ll find the best tapas bars in the neighbourhood (Portugiesenviertel).

Playground coffee
Grindelhof 33
20146 Hamburg

I should visit the coffee shop again, very friendly and actually delicious.

Public coffee Roaster
Wexstr. 28
20355 Hamburg

It’s on my to-do-list!

Bahrenfelder Str. 237
22765 Hamburg

It’s also on my to-do-list! (If you have a look at maps, you’ll see Bahrenfelder Str. is a very long road… ;D )

Bahrenfelder Str. 98
22675 Hamburg

If you are in Altona, this is the place with one of the best coffee, tested several times – always very well, very friendly, a nice place and with delicious soups. 😉


The world of coffee in a museum

Last but not least I have to mention another café. And this café is part of a museum. I didn’t know about the museum and the café and it’s a shame, because while I worked in the Speicherstadt, this museum and the café were in front of my working place. The museum is called ‘Kaffeemuseum’. Unusual, isn’t it? 😉 It’s a museum about coffee. Actually this museum has to be in Hamburg and in the Speicherstadt. This is the best place for it! I admit, I didn’t visit the museum, I just drank a lot of coffee! 😀

St. Annenufer 2
20457 Hamburg


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