sustainable #ootd | Summer dress with wedges

Summer finally arrived in Münster, so it’s time for a new outfit. It finally includes a summer dress. I bet you’re as happy as I am to get the summer clothes out of the closet and wear them with sandals.

We made the pictures at the beautiful Botanical Garden in Münster. It’s a magnificent place with the most beautiful flowers and it was the perfect surrounding for the shoot. I think the green dress goes perfectly with the exotic plants.

The green dress is from French Connection but I borrowed it from the Kleiderei in Hamburg. Founded by Thekla Wilkening und Pola Fendel in 2012 it’s THE thing for fashion lovers like me who love new styles but try to live a sustainable life and step out of the fast fashion industry. With the concept of Kleiderei you get it all! For just 34€ per month you can order 4 pieces from their website every four weeks. It’s a genius idea if you ask me. I started my subscription with them about 8 month ago and I am totally satisfied. It’s also a great way to try new things without the need of buying them directly. After you wore you four pieces for a while you can send them back and order new stuff. They have all kind of stuff, even designer clothes. You can also send them the clothes you don’t like anymore instead of throwing it away. I love it.

Suiting the concept of Kleiderei is my little clutch. I bought it in Cambodia a couple of years ago. It’s made by RecycledBags.Co. The company produces a variety of accessories from used cement bags. Every single piece is hand made by a Cambodian landmine victim who is able to earn a sustainable income this way. Cambodia is one of the most fascinating countries I’ve ever visited in my life but it still suffers from the Red Khmer times. If you never heard about it get yourself a book. It’s one of the darkest chapters in our global history of the last 50 years. Buying a handbag is not a big deal but as we buy so much stuff over here it’s a start to make a difference sometimes when you make a purchase decision. Just saying…

My beautiful wedges are my all time favorite sandals. They go with nearly every summer outfit and are super comfy.

I hope you like the outfit and got some inspiration how to dress stylish and sustainable. There’s always a way to make a little difference 😉

My Outfit

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#sunglasses | Marc by Marc Jacobs

#necklace | Malaika Raiss

#watch | Marc by Marc Jacobs

#dress | French Connection

#wedges | Bagatt Italy

#clutch | Recycled Bags Cambodia


All pictures by the amazing

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