Plomari | The best Greek restaurant in Cologne 

Last week I visited my best friend in Cologne for the weekend. I really like Cologne and it’s always worth a girl’s weekend. As we wanted to celebrate some achievements we both made in the last couple of weeks we decided to give ourselves a treat by visiting a nice restaurant. As we normally tend to go to the same places all the time I checked out tripadvisor like a week before I went to Cologne. I think tripadvisor is a great tool if you don’t have a clue where to eat in another city.

When I looked for restaurants in Cologne the Greek mezedes (Μεζέδες = appetizers) bar Plomari came up at the top of the list. Well, if something is the number one of all the restaurants in town I just have to try it. It was a great choice. That’s for sure.

Greek mezedes are similar to Spanish tapas. You can order all sort of things in small portions and just share everything. It’s a great way to try new dishes. I’ve been to a lot of tapas bars before and tried mezedes before, but the food they served us at Plomari was probably the best Greek food I ever had. Really, we had an amazing dinner there. We tried all their specialties like sautéed prawns and fried octopus. I can still count the restaurants where I ate seafood of this quality, too.

What else can I say? Next to the great food we enjoyed so much the owner and the staff of the restaurant was amazing hosts, too. They gave us such a warm welcome and treated us like queens the whole evening. If you prefer a great service with your food this is definitely a place to go to. You might underestimate the place when you walk by because it looks like dark cheesy corner bar from the outside but it’s a really lovely place inside. And the locals know that 😉 so you better book yourself a table if you want to go there at a weekend. We did that, too and it was a wise decision because the place was packed by 7 PM the latest. No way you can find a table if you go there spontaneously.

So if you love great food and need a place to go to in Cologne get yourself a table at the Plomari restaurant 😉

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