(art)books we love | Die Welt im Löffel

First thought: #nomnomnom. But until I found the first recipe in this special book I had to read 140 pages! The (art)book “Die Welt im Löffel” (meaning: The world in a spoon) is about cooking, art and culture! What a fantastic combination. I know Anke and Ute connect these topics sometimes on their blogs. I enjoy eating and cooking with friends and of course art. I think cooking for myself is boring. It’s more fun for me to cook for someone else. But back to the roots – spoons.

At first I had to read… (the book is in German only, thanks good, so I could read faster) The foreword explains how this book came about. The occasion was a workshop at the evening school hosted by the Weltkulturen Museum. Sebastian Schellhaas went on a culinary journey with all the participants. Know How about cooking and eating, historical artefacts and guests from all over the world like famous ethnologists, artist, philosophers, confectioner, distiller, butcher, physicists or filmmaker. This sounds really great. So different culinary perspectives were communicated in a different way – and it was all about cooking and eating. I am a little bit envious that I missed this workshop, it sounds so great. But knowing I held the result in my hands: This wonderful book about culture, cooking and eating.

Sebastian Schellhaas introduces into the topic and explains everything in detail. I just remember two important things:

1. Cooking is the first form of art (Peter Kubelkas). This is an interesting idea, but I think it’s right. You need creativity to cook something, to put things in right order in your cooking pot or to bake the perfect cake. Sometimes you need a lot of inspiration to combine spices with fish or meat or vegetables.
2. “Gastrosophie” – I never heard this word before. This science connects different arts. Cultural scientific research on nutrition and society is at the forefront. Check.

Different culinary artefacts are presented on several pages – I have no idea what they are good for. I visit ethnological museums rarely, I am ashamed. Or do you know what a “Maniokfladenwender” is? It’s something like a spatula, but… never mind. 😀 You notice I learned a lot.

The second chapter includes short scientific essays about eating and cooking. “500 years culinary globalization”, “archetypes about food”, “alchemy of the kitchen”… Last but not least the recipes of eating and drinking from all over the world.

For all museum, art, cooking and culture lovers – if you love eating and wanna learn more about the culture of eating and cooking you must read this book! For all cooks who are looking out for some new recipes, you will find some new inside this book!

Die Welt im Löffel

Die Welt im Löffel

Die Welt im Löffel

Die Welt im Löffel

Die Welt im Löffel

#artbook | Die Welt im Löffel

#author | Sebastian Schellhaas, Weltkulturen Museum Frankfurt a. Main

#language | German

#publisher | Kerber

#ISBN | 978-3-86678-775-9

#pages | 240

#published | 2012

you can get your copy here.

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