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A year ago I discovered an Instagram-Account, which caught my eye immediately. I fell in love with it:  I took this north German design into my heart. Now it’s time to write about this wonderful label we love. Michaela Jentsch is behind it. She is in charge of this wonderful kitchen and wooden design. It’s out-and-out north German!

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MoinBecher #FreuDinge #Kaffeepause #Meer

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All began with a beautiful white cup. On the cup the word “MOIN” is burned in. This means something like “Hello” or “Hey”, it’s a typical northern German greeting we use. So this cup is not printed with a boring lettering. The feel of the surface is more important. Next to “Moin” or “Ahoi” cups there are gorgeous wooden products for your kitchen: bowls, spatulas, trays, boards for your breakfast, serving plates or saucers. All those things are imprintes with the plainful maritime symbols like the anchor, the little boat, Ahoi, Moin or Hamburg.

I am completely in love with the products of freudinge. A few weeks ago I received a package, I couldn’t wait to tear it and to persuade myself of the real beauty and quality. Well, the serving plate is solid and produced of beechwood. It’s really very massive, you feel it! (Yes the feeling is important!) The products of freudinge are manufactured in Germany. And I am very sorry to tell you, but you can only order in Germany. If you want to convince yourself of the products, visit the wonderful designmarket “Elbrausch” (13th & 14th of August in Lübeck or 19th & 20th of November in Hamburg). And I really missed freudinge last weekend at Lieblingsgut.Designmarkt (I visited at the Hafenmuseum Hamburg). 😉




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