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Once upon a time there was a group of young men, they planned a great party. They ordered a band, booked a hotel with a banquet hall, wrote speeches, looked out for a perfect dinner, but last but not least, the finishing touch was made by women. 😀 Because of this the young men thought about the commitment of the young women. They needed a gift. But what would you give to someone, whom you don’t know so well, or for what would you look, to give someone as a gift which is not too personal? I think it’s very difficult to find the right presents. But the young men had a fantastic idea, they ordered Glossyboxes! I was really astonished. These men knew what a Glossybox is! Some guys at my table looked at me, while the ladies got their boxes and asked me:

What is a Glossybox?

Well, at first I was a little bit confused, sure I heard of Glossybox, but I didn’t exactly know, what’s inside of them. So there was only one solution: I ordered a Glossybox for myself. 😀 TADA and this is my first one.


It’s a little beauty box you can subscribe to and every month you get different products of make up and perfume. It’s always a surprise. Inside of every box you’ll find five different items of famous companies like Kiehl’s, O.P.I, Laura Mercier, Goodskin Labs, Comodynes or others. I really like this box, there is only one demerit (but that’s the sales policy), you have to subscribe for a minimum of three months. But I think it’s the perfect present for your best friend, and I am sure I will give this box to someone as a birthday present or a Christmas gift. (It’s never too early to look out for good x-mas goodies.)

All these goodies were in my recent Glossybox. The unboxing felt a little bit like Christmas or my birthday. It’s like getting a wonderful gift and you don’t exactly know what could be inside of it. All these products in the May box are really useful: cleaning wipes for your face by Nivea, a face mask by Unani, fibreplex for your hair by Schwarzkopf, mascara by Icona Milano and a wonderful red nail polish by Catrice. Every month you get new things for your body, hair and face. So you know what I mean, if you don’t know what to give your BFF a glossybox is a wonderful idea!


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