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Upcycling meets fair trade

This is the philosophy of Tina Schradi and Kajus Daub, the two founders of the company trendbuster and their label Beachbreak. As we’re crazy about fair products and upcycling I am very happy we were asked to check out the Beachbreak products. One of our goals is furthermore to present great fair labels to you on a regular basis because there is no need to support the fast fashion industry.

The company trendbuster was founded in 2014 by accidents as most start-ups are. The two founders are both enthusiastic wind surfers and thought about a way of using broken sails. After creating different prototypes, they sell all sort of accessorize today which were made from used surfing sails. You find so many different styles and forms it’s hard to make a choice at all. And as every single piece is unique there are way too many beautiful ones in the store. I got a very colorful tote bag. They also do custom designs by the way. Every bag is produced in Germany and of very high quality. I guess they last a lifetime. The materials are very strong, dirt and water resistant. They’re also very easy to clean if they ever get dirty.

As I spent have of my time outside with my dog I made mine my sports bag. I was looking for one of those anyway. I have my dog’s stuff in there and that’s a bunch of things. My dog had to get used to the sound the material makes but it’s definitely dog approved now. The materials are just indestructible; there is nothing you can do to them which harms it in any way and we gave that bag a hard time. I love that. If you have a dog or you’re an outdoor person you know what I mean. It’s nice to have designer bags and purses but when it comes to a run through the woods or a game in the dirt while the rain is pouring down you don’t want your expensive bag with you but something more robust. I guess it’s similar when you have kids or babies. trendbuster does these big messenger bags which look just perfect to be stuffed with diapers and all that things mothers carry around all day.

The prices are very decent, too. They range from 8-120€ which is not expensive at all when you think about that their production is in Germany. The tote bags are priced between 17-25€ which is very cheap actually because they are of such a good quality.

I am very happy with my new bag and use it a lot. If you’re looking for a unique and robust everyday bag you should check their shop out some time.

img_6772 img_6785 img_6776 img_6771 img_6770 Beachbreak img_6780

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