#exhibition | Creatures of the Mud

Two weeks ago we did a fashion shoot at the Kunstverein in Münster for our blog birthday next week. But before we celebrate that and share all the pics we took with you I’d like to tell you about the new exhibition there. ‘Creatures of the Mud’ opened just a day before we went there. It will be on display until July 3rd so there’s plenty of time to go and see it.

‘Creatures of the Mud’ is realised in the framework of Plugin. Plugin is an INTERREG VA projekt located at Schloss Ringenberg that aims among others the practice-oriented support of young curators and artists in collaboration with German and Dutch cultural institutions. So this exhibition was curated by Lena Johanna Reisner who is a really nice and talented person. So what’s the idea behind the exhibition?

The group show ‘Creatures of the Mud’ examines man’s relationship to (other) animals and plants on Earth. It is now widely acknowledged that we are far more similar to other species than previously assumed. Yet it behoves us to develop an awareness, which might enable a systematic questioning of our notions of human superiority in favour of an alternative coexistence.

The exhibited works concern themselves with the way we generate, systematise and apply knowledge about our environment. They are critical of a purely objectivising view of other species in order to draw attention to the speculative subjectivities and lived consciousness of individuals from other species.

Well, I know that’s a hard one. So it’s about our relationship to animals and plants basically. The art works shown are really interesting if you have some background information about them. The exhibition starts with an installation by artist Mehreen Murtaza from Pakistan. She wired all the lush plants in the hall, all on loan from the Botanical Gardens, and connected them to a computer module. What irritates and fascinated me straight away, are the bizarre sounds coming from it – a musical interpretation of the electrophysiological perceptions of the plants. She gave them kind of a voice so to speak.

Creatures of the Mud

By ‘Creatures’ they mean all living things on earth. Not just animals and plants but also bacteria. Danish artist Tue Greenfort shows bacterial images next to the installation which are abstract and poetic at the same time.

Creatures of the Mud Creatures of the Mud Creatures of the Mud

I have to say that the works displayed in the big exhibition showroom aren’t easy to get at all. German artist Liza Dieck presents a large-scale work of slimy silicones. The work is based on a poem that speaks about the possibility of jellyfish-preservation.

Australian Madison Bycroft focuses with different artifacts on the ‘Bunyip’, an Aboriginal myth and attempts to classify it. And a video work of her is about a vampire squid, which feeds on words. It’s pretty but I still don’t get it to be honest.

The Hungarian artist Gabo Bartha finally, who is also an activist for biodiversity, shows slides from her own garden – of fruits and vegetables.

This exhibition really gives you something to think about. The topic is really interesting and I like the show art works because you need some time for them and you will take some thoughts home. A lot of exhibitions today are pretty easy going and forgotten as soon as you ordered your coffee at the museum café. This one is definitely not and that’s a nice change.

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