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As we neglected fashion so much during the last couple of weeks this week is all about it! After my business outfit we like to present you a label today we truly fell in love with!

BeWooden is a very cool startup from the Czech Republic which produces high quality wooden goods. I found them on Instagram a while ago and observed what they do and I really like it. It’s all about real craftsmanship and handmade quality. As I am so sick of fast fashion and all the big labels which produce cheap quality for the masses Bewooden is a beautiful change. Behind the label is a group of young people who founded the business while still at university to make a difference. I admire stories like that and think we should all support labels like that instead of the global companies who damage people and the environment.

They use excess wood from workshops in their region and it’s from local tree species such as beech, oak, apple, walnut and poplar. So you won’t find two pieces that look exactly the same. Every piece is different, individual and genuinely unique. I love pieces like that. And another big plus is the lifetime warranty you get with your item. These are people who still believe!

So the first product I saw of them was a wooden bow tie and I loved it straight away. I can’t remember when bow ties came back in fashion but they definitely are! A wooden one is different than a fabric one – it’s a true eye catcher. They also do belts, wallets, cufflinks and pocket mirrors. I haven’t seen those yet but I guess they’re as great as the bow ties. I like those especially because BeWooden also does a female version of the classical one with a ribbon on it. They’re much cuter than the classics.

And another thing about them is that Wera likes them, too. Normally we don’t agree on fashion much. Wera is much more pragmatic than me 😉 She is the sneaker person as you all know by now and I am the high heel candidate. But, funny enough, we both like BeWooden. When I told her about it she totally agreed on making an article about them. They just have a style for everybody. I got this cute bow tie in turquoise which pimps every black outfit and Wera got a very neat one with a checkered pattern. And it finally brought us together for a shooting.

Fotoshooting-1-33 Fotoshooting-1-34 Fotoshooting-1-11 Fotoshooting-1-14 Fotoshooting-1-16 Fotoshooting-1-22 Fotoshooting-1-28 Fotoshooting-1-27
BeWooden bow ties

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