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You already know, I am a big sneaker fan. I love my Chucks in summertime and I enjoy wearing the Nike free 5.0 – so comfortable. It’s unbelievable. Last year I presented you the exhibition “The Rise of Sneaker Culture”. Last week was the grand opening of “Sneakers. Design for fast feet” at Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg. I was invited to the press conference and I already gave you some preview pics on Twitter.

Now it’s time for a blogpost and a lot of more pics. The exhibition is a mix of posters, shoes and stories. The focus is on essential model series of sneakers since the 1980ies – like Chucks, Superstars, Stan Smiths, Air Force Ones or Air Jordans. If you would ask me which sneaker is the most famous one, my answer would be Air Jordans, too. This man makes sneakers wearable. Michael Jordan is a superstar, after he became a flighing superman I recognize there are many more fantastic sneakers. Most wanted: Chucks. What kind of associations do you have with chucks?

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The exhibition shows the history of the sneaker. Developed as performence models for soccer players or sprinters sneakers became famous as a lifestyle product. 1985 was the ultimate turning point! Boris Becker won Wimbledon in shoes made by Puma. Michael Jordan created his own shoe: Air Jordan. Run DMC performed in shoes by Adidas. And Joschka Fischer (a German Politician) became state Minister wearing sneakers! 1985 was the beginning of the international sneaker revolution.

Hundreds of years collectors gathered porcelain and art, today they also collect limited sneakers. Times change, so museums do with their exhibitions and their topics, too – and I really like this topic! Of course I learned a lot in the exhibition. The sneaker ABC is really great: “Double up” means you buy a sneaker twice, “one to rock and one to stock”. (I do this with normally shoes, which are comfortable, too. ;)) “Grails” are sneaker you were looking for, for a long time like a holy grail. “Stinos” means “Stinknormale Tunschuhe” (boring normally sneakers, which you never would gather).

Ok, I think you got it, I love sneakers, so it’s clear to me whether you have to visit the exhibition: YOU HAVE TO! Especailly if you are a sneaker lover. 😉

#museum | Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (Germany)

#Exhibition | Sneakers. Design for fast feet

#until | August 28th 2016

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