Luxury label museums

Louis Vuitton got its own museum for its wonderful art collection, the Bata Shoe has its own and Armani has an interesting own at Silos about its history. Now I discovered some more labels that are museum owners.

Salvatore Ferragamo

I suspect you have already heard of the lable Salvatore Ferragamo. This company is well known for its luxury shoes, handbags, belts – leather in high quality. Salvatore Ferragamo became famous at 1919 and was known as the “shoemaker to the stars”. He was inspired by museum obejcts. At 1970 Ferragamo started his  men’s line.

The Salvatore Ferragamo Museum opened at Palazzo Spini Feroni in 1995 – hommage to shoes and the company’s history.

“The idea for the museum initially came about when an exhibition was organised at Palazzo Strozzi on the history of Salvatore Ferragamo. The exhibition went on tour and was hosted by some of the world’s most prestigious museums, such as the Victoria and Albert in London, the County Museum of Los Angeles, the New York Guggenheim, the Sogetsu Kai Foundation in Tokyo, and the Museo de Bellas Artes in Mexico. The temporary exhibition gradually became permanent.”

#museum | Museo Salvatore Ferragamo



The second company museum is in the immediate vicinity. It’s the Gucci Mueso at Florence. Spread across three floors, and spanning a total of 1,715 square metres, the museum charts Gucci’s remarkable 90-year history, from its beginnings when, in the tradition of his 14th century forbears, founder Guccio Gucci made his name as a purveyor of finest quality leather accessories, to its present day status as one of the world’s leading luxury goods brands. From its vantage point overlooking the beautiful Piazza della Signoria in the heart of historical Florence, Gucci Museo’s location could scarcely be more auspicious, or apt.

#museum | Gucci Museum


Christian Dior

I think, everyone knows Dior. Famous for its Haute Couture, the house Christian Dior creates fashion, shoes, jewelery, parfumes and accessoires. Since 1997 Dior’s childhood home is the “Christian Dior Museum”. It is located at the Normandy.

The Christian Dior Museum is the only “Musée de France” dedicated to a couturier. Since 2010, in addition to an annual thematic exhibition, it organizes an autumn-winter exhibition, “Une maison, des collections”, showing its permanent collections and its most recent acquisitions.

#museum | Christian Dior Museum

#exhibition | WOMEN IN DIOR. Sublime Elegance of a Portrait

#until | September 25th 2016


Three famous luxury labels – three museums! I think there are some more company museums. I don’t know if those museums are really necessary and whether they represent their own company history differentiated, but I think some of those objects are magical. And I think some dresses, shoes or bags you will find in museum-fashion-collections (like at the Vicotoria and Albert Museum in London).

2 thoughts on “Luxury label museums

  1. A lot of European companies are very proud of their heritage and the work they do. Look at Mercedes or Ferrari, luxury car brands which have museums worldwide, most luxury wine and spirit makers have a visitor centre, even Starbucks has their reserve roastery in Seattle. I think it’s more than just marketing, it instills pride and passion into employees. The only culture that doesn’t like to blow it’s own trumpet is the English, Burberry doesn’t have a museum, yet most whisky (usually owned by LVMH, Diaego or similar) distilleries do.

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    1. The whiskey museums sound very interesting. That is something I would like to visit. Thanks for the hint! The Mercedes museum is really good by the way. It’s worth a visit and I think Burberry should think about one. They have a very interesting company history.


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