Fashion Flavour in Hamburg

Last week I attended my first fashion event. Michelle’s last fashion event in Düsseldorf was a few weeks ago, and now I visited “Fashion Flavour” at Hamburg. They presented the Fall/Winter collection 2016/2017 in a very personal atmosphere. I went to a residential building, I rang on the first floor and entered a wonderful old building. Brooke welcomed me and I started my little tour to see the newest styles of next season.

Overall eleven labels presented their new collections. Now it’s time to introduce you in the fall-winter-fashion-world. During my walk through the three different rooms I discovered labels I’ve never heard before and saw some very good “old” friends, which I really like. Let’s start with ana alcazar.

A lot of her dresses are hallmarked by trumpet sleeves the next season. Strong colors and wonderful cuts. It reminds a little bit of the style of the 1970ies, but not in such an extreme way. The clothes looked really very comfortable.
KAVAT was completely new for me, too. It’s a Swedish company, founded by Ragnar Karlsson. In 1945 he started his own shoe business. He produced all kinds of shoes (mostly for other brands). His motto was: “No damn garbage!” Over 50 models are certified with the EU Ecolabel. Now it’s an international company and some of those shoes are very cool!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Well, diamonds are nice, sure, but you can’t always afford them. FiliNi excites with creativity, style, elegance, an affordable price and with high-quality costume jewellery. Necklaces, earrings, finger rings – there is something for every taste.

Last but not least my good “old” friend: Fritzi aus Preußen. I love this label. It was exciting for me to see their next collection and their new shoe collection. I have to admit, I adore my clutch of Fritzi aus Preußen and I will never give it back.

Thank you Karkalis for the invitation and the goody bag. I’m looking forward to the next fashion flavour!

Goody Bag

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