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Being on holiday for me means endless reading time. I used my vacation in Florida not just to check out some awesome products for you but also to read and read and read. I read several book in the last two weeks and like to tell you about one of them today. Of course I don’t carry heavy art books around with me when on holiday so today’s book is a nice little paperback which was published in German last October.

Princesses behaving badly is Linda Rodriguez McRobbie’s answer to Disney movies and fairy tale fantasies.

American writer Linda Rodriguez McRobbie studied at the Columbia University in New York and works as a freelance journalist and writer in London today. She writes articles for several magazines such as the Boston Herald and the Chicago Tribune. In 2012 she started to work on the book.

Princesses Behaving Badly is an effort to inject a little bit of reality into the princess fantasy, to make sure that the fairy tale doesn’t become the expectation. We all watched the Disney movies as children and most of us probably admired Kate Middleton’s wedding to the most wanted prince on the planet, too. The fascination of being a princess is one which always annoyed me big time to be honest. I’ve never wanted to be one, I’d rather be free and myself. So this book really interested me. I mean it promises no less than showing some real princesses beyond the ideas of Disney.

Historical princess have been capable of great things as well as horrible things; they’ve made stupid decisions and bad mistakes, loved the wrong people or too many people or not enough people. They were women who lied, murdered, used sex as a weapon, or dressed like a man to hold on to power. They weren’t afraid to get a little dirt, or blood, on their hands. These women were human, but the word princess, along with its myriad connotations, often glosses over that humanity. Their stories may begin once upon a time, but they don’t always end happily ever after.

The book includes the stories of 30 historical princesses from across the world divided into seven big chapters. They’re bunched together by themes such as “warriors, schemer” or “party girls”. In between are some anecdotes about more historical women who match the overall chapter topic.

The pages are illustrated by award-winning artist Douglas Smith, perhaps best known for his fantastic illustrations for Gregory Maguire’s Wicked books. I especially liked the one which represent the princesses at the beginning of every story.

I really enjoyed reading this book and got highly entertained. The most interesting princesses are for sure the ones who lived and were all human and different to what you expect. The language of Rodriguez McRobbie is a very easy one, so the book is a perfect companion for a lazy day at the pool. It’s full of entertaining history lessons I wish I had in school back in the day. If you’re looking for an easy entertaining book this could be your choice.

The Book

Princesses behaving badly

Princesses behaving badly

Princesses behaving badly

Princesses behaving badly

#book | Princesses behaving badly (German: Gute Prinzessinnen kommen ins Märchen, böse schreiben Geschichte)

#author |  Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

#illustrations | Douglas Smith

#language | Englisch or German

#publishing house | btb (English Original: Quirk Books)

#ISBN | 978-3-442-75447-2 (German)

#pages | 416

#published | 2015 (English Original: 2013)

you can get your copy here.

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