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A few weeks ago I traveled to Belgium. I was invited to a wedding. I have never been in Belgium before, so I travelled to Liege earlier. After a little sightseeing tour I was looking out for a restaurant. During my research I discovered an Italian one.

Punto e Pasta

This little restaurant has space for approximately 26 guests. The decoration was simple, but stylish. The table mats were made of slate. The open kitchen and the tables were in one room. So it was very intimate. We had luck, our table was next to the kitchen so I could see how the meal was prepared. It was a pleasure to me, to see Fabrizio Brunello at work. Each meal was a fresh creation.
This was the menu


We chose the “Assiette de chancuteries italiens” (an Italien cold cuts platter)  as an appetiser and “Penne aux produit de saison” (penne with products of the season) as the main dish. Sorry, it wasn’t possible to take a picture, I was so hungry it was SO delicicous, I had to eat it immediately.


The food is a very unique selection and every meal is made with love in that place. Although Fabrizio had so much to do in the kitchen, he advised us in the menu selection. And he gave us tipps on what we should look necessarily.

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Foccacia romarin olive noire #foccacia #miseenbouche #PuntoEPasta

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If you ever visit Liege (Lüttich), you should go to this restaurant – it’s amazing! The kitchen is great, the cook is terrific and the meals are stunning.

Punto e Pasta
Rue Saint-Gilles, 2/4,
B-4000 Liège
Phone: 0032 (4) 262 62 04

PS: Congratulations on your baby!

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