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I’m back from Florida and still in my after holiday depression. After enjoying the sun for two weeks and having a lot of leisure time it wasn’t easy to go back to work on Monday. I guess you all know that feeling. The good thing about being back is that there is a lot amazing stuff I need to tell you about.

Today I’d like to start with a little something which makes travelling and everyday fashionista life much easier. Just before I left two weeks ago I got a nice little package from reload and my holiday in Florida was a good chance to check it out. Reload is the first customisable mini perfume spray which fits in every bag and is therefore perfect for travelling. I saw it on other blogs before and was really delighted to be chosen to test it, too.

Reload Mini Spray

Reload Mini Spray

Reload Mini Spray

The discovery box I got is filled with great fragrances for man and women but I preferred to fill the little spray with my all time favorite scent – Burburry Brit. It’s the perfume I wear everyday and I couldn’t live without it 😉 I think those boxes make pretty good presents for everyone. You can grab your choice of perfumes in every store that sells them plus a mini spray and your present is ready to go. You can even design your own skin for them or choose between several ready to go choices. I will so get a MuseumLifestyle one for mine!

The little spray is easy to fill and refill as this video nicely presents:

In the last two weeks the mini spray definitely made it to one of my everyday essentials because it’s so easy to take with you – no matter where you go. It even fits in the smallest handbag as its size is somewhere between a lipstick and a mascara.

Another plus of this product is the price. You get the starter set including a spray, a black or white skin and an empty cartridge you can fill and refill for just about 20€. Every set comes with a 5€ voucher for your personal skin, too. And if you’re afraid about changing the perfumes inside it’s not just super easy but you also get a cleaning cartridge you can use between two different scents easily. Reload is a product I really like and I can highly recommend to you!


In cooperation with Reload.


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