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Today it’s dating time! Meet 39 strangers, after one, two, three or more coffees you get an absolutly personal portrait of different humans. While I read of the preface, I hesitated a little bit. Emily Besa writes a lot about the individuality of the humans, everyone is unique and “they express and define themselves on their own terms”.
I think a lof people do this – especially these days. Therefore, in my opinion the preface elaborates somewhat too much about an opinion and behavior which has arrived in the middle of society and is no longer especially remarkable. Nevertheless, I agree with Emily’s conclusion: “Ultimately, we are all human beings and we all deserve the freedom, peace, and empowerment to live our lives, just as we are.”

So, let’s fall in love with a stranger… I read three biographies. I want to introduce you shortly to two of them. The first one was of “Loretta”. I learned from her what K-Pop is (Korean pop music). And when I saw her first photo shot by Bernd Ott it didn’t cross my mind, she was a he before – a transgender. She looks really beautiful. It was natural for me, to see in those photographies a young lady. So I was really confused, when I read the story of Loretta.

The second story is about Dennis. He deals a lot with fashion. “[..] I want to look and dress the way I want to dress […]”, because he can’t try to fit in one gender. The photos of Dennis are very expressive. Dennis is a transgender, sometimes a man, sometimes a woman – Dennis is Dennis – a human.

I enjoy reading the biographies. 39 people talk about their private lifes, about their feelings and who they are. It’s a little celebration of life.

#book | All the people

#author | Bernd Ott, Emily Besa

#language | English

#publishing house | Kerber Verlag

#ISBN | 978-3-7356-0176-6

#pages | 248

#published | 2016

you can get your copy here.

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