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Are you knowledgeable about contemporary artists? I am not. There are so many and if anyone asks me, Wera which artist is your favorite one, my answer is easy: Olafur Eliasson. I presume everyone who visits art museums or museums of contemporary art is aware of him. Unfortunately I don’t know the german artist scene, except for a few artists who live in Münster or visited the Kunstakademie there. This is a pity, since I suppose there must be a lot of promising young artists in Germany.

The photographer Till Cremer provides a great opportunity to get to know more about artists working in Germany, or more specifically in Berlin. Over a period of five years he met 500 international artists and took pictures of them in their studios in Berlin. As part of our artbookfriday I present you his masterpiece, an artbook comprising a total of 300 photographies!

Each time he met an artist, he asked for recommendations of further artists. This way he discovered a wide network of Berlin artists. If you have a closer look at the portraits you can identify different types of artists. Some of them present themselves with their artwork, other ones give an insight into the process of their work. This shows the relationship of the artists to their own work.

“Berlin Artists” is a nice lookbook for everyone, who wants to know more about the German artists. Till Cremer is a photographer and designer, this is his first monograph.

#book | Berlin Artists

#author | Till Cremer

#language | German & English

#publishing house | Kerber Verlag

#ISBN | 978-3-7356-0084-4

#pages | 320

#published | 2015

you can get your copy here.

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