The little black one | #blackerthanblack

“Black is not a color, black is the absence of light.” (Spiegel Online, 15.7.2014) Scientists have been looking forward to find the perfect black for several years. About two years ago they created a material which absorbs 99,96% of the light. So this material (high technology) looks so black, it’s blacker than black. The material is somthething like an aluminium foil and it’s produced for the solar technology.

There is another industry where true blackness is of highly appreciated: The fashion industry. Probably every one of you owns a couple of black dresses and, at the latest after a few turns in the laundry, they start to fade. With every use, the dresses get lighter and lighter, ultimately turning into some kind of dark gray. While the previously mentioned material is not (yet) a solution to this problem, I found an exciting new product that may put an end to this frustrating experience:

On Octobre 24th Phoebe Hess started her campaign on kickstarter “Viperblack, the first blacker than black t-shirt”. She creates the darkest t-shirt in the world. The material of the shirt “reflects 40% less light than any other black fabric”, they describe the innovation of this new product. Phoebe Hess designs a prototype of a shirt. You can preorder this shirt for 98 €! Well, I think I have to wait until it’s a little bit cheaper, but I am really curious to see this shirt with my own eyes.

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