Fashion Flash

Today Julia writes her second article for museumlifestyle! I’m very happy she shares the passion for fashion with us. Her first arctile was about Sweet Vienna, this time she presents a special event for us. 


Hamburg. Altona Cruise Centre. Girls and women of every age are queuing up. Queuing up for what? Is there something for free? Or George Clooney? This and other questions unknowing people must ask themselves when they pass the building where people usually start their holidays.

But it is much easier: It is all about shoes, bags and fashion. It’s Fashion Flash time!

fashion flash

During the day the queues get shorter and shorter. When you get inside they welcome you with a glass of sparkling wine and sweets (finally somebody who is understanding women!).

Inside the cruise centre you can find shoes over shoes sorted by sizes. Shoes in every colour for every occasion are waiting to be tried on. From Versace to Nike every woman can find something. And if your favorite shoe doesn’t fit for whatever reason you still can shop choose an innumerable amount of bags instead. From clutches to backpacks you can almost find everything. But this still doesn’t explains the hype: Everything is on discount up to 70%!!!!!!! And the entry is free!

Inbetween the shoes and bags you can also find some clothes. Some beauty and fashion companies have little stalls and give out free samples and vouchers and you can buy their mascara and clothes on-site.

I found three classics: a pair of black high heels, black leather shoes and a shoulder bag I can fit everthing in. All this for under 65 Euro!

So grab you favorite girls and bring them to the next fashion flash! Maybe it is nearby where you live!

The next Fashion Flashes are:
6.4. – 7.4.2016 Krefeld – Seidenweberhaus
13.4. – 14.4.2016 Göttingen – Lokhalle
20.4. – 21.4.2016 Dortmund – Dietrick-Keuning Halle
1.6. – 2.6.2016 Bremen – Energieleitzentrale

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