(Art)Books we love | Where’s Karl?

YAY it’s #artbookfriday again and I have no idea where to start. The book I’d like to tell you about today is so great I just can’t look at it from a distance. So sorry for a lot of love today! It evoked my inner child and that is totally in love with it. „Where’s Karl?“ is a classical ‘Wimmelbuch’ (as we call it in German) in the style of the „Where’s Waldo?“ books. I am sure you know those from your childhood, too. The book is already a New York Times Bestseller and that’s for a reason. Vogue called it the “Fashion’s answer to Where’s Waldo” by the way.

Originally I got it to give it away as a present but I have to keep it 😉 It’s so much fun. There’s even a little story in it. You follow the fictional fashion blogger Florence de la Sabine (you can call her Fleur) who is on the hunt for an interview with Karl Lagerfeld. Fleur’s journey takes you around the globe from Milan to London. You will visit Art Basel Miami and the Metropolitan Museum (those two are my favorites of course) to find him and many more cool places.

The book is especially great because of the cute illustrations by Michelle Baron who pictured not just Karl for the book but also his whole entourage. There are famous fashion people in there like Grace Coddington, Daphne Guinnes or Kate Moss. Like the Waldo books it has different lists at the end with suggestions what else to look for in the illustrations. Very great stuff! In Milan you can find Dita von Teese performing or Pharrell styling a Fendi bag. In India there’s Julia Roberts eating Pasta… Well, the list goes on and on. If you’re a fashion lover you will never put the book aside.

It’s not an art book and it’s not for the coffee table but it’s fun and also great for children. It was published last year by Potter Style in English and is now available, thanks to Prestel, in German. So if you’re in need of a present or some fun this is your book.

The Book

Where's Karl - Karl Lagerfeld

Where's Karl - Karl Lagerfeld Where's Karl - Karl Lagerfeld Where's Karl - Karl Lagerfeld Where's Karl - Karl Lagerfeld

#book | Where’s Karl?

#author |  Stacey Caldwell, Ajiri Aki

#illustrations | Michelle Baron

#language | German or Englisch

#publishing house | Prestel (German), Potter Style (English)

#ISBN | 978-3-7913-8252-4 (German), 978-0553447927 (English)

#pages | 48

#published | 2016

you can get your copy here.

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