#Snapchat | Great Museums to follow

A few weeks ago I compiled a list of snapchat accounts managed by museums. If you have a look at this list you will see, there aren’t so many museums active there yet. I think this will change during the next few months. Snapchat is the new social media hype, and I really like it, because it’s funny and entertaining! To save a post you can take a screenshot.

Hey – this is one of my first snaps on snapchat celebrating the first article about #artbookfriday.


Yes, it’s fun, but which is the best museum account? Well, Georgia Museum of Art, Honolulumuseum of Art, MCA Chicago, Casabattlo, LACMA and the Houston Museum of Natural Science belong to the most regular publishers on snapchat. The European museums use this new messaging service very irregular. It’s ok, but I have to check snapchat everyday, this sucks sometimes. So the winners of my personal hitlist are museums in the USA.

3. Georgia Museum of Art

The snaps of Georgia Museum of Art are informative, they give views behind the scene and some tipps for the museum shop.

Georgia Museum of Art
Twitter: @GMOA
Instagram: @georgiamuseum
Snapchat: georgiamuseum

2. Honolulumuseum of Art

I have never heard of this museum before! During my research of museums on snapchat I discovered this channel. And it’s great to see and hear something new of unknown museums (for me unknown). The Social Media Manager has definitely fun at his job.

Honolulumuseum of Art
Twitter: @honolulumuseum
Instagram: @honolulumuseum
Snapchat: honolulumuseum


Last but not least – the winner is LACMA! What else? It’s the best cultural snapchat account. They are cool, informative and always funny. Everytime I am so happy to see the next snaps. Now I have to show my favorite snap. ❤ Thank you LACMA! You do a real great social media job! And I have to tell you the truth, my collegue printed this pic out and it dangles on my pin board in my office. *g* It makes me smile. 😀

Snap of LACMA
Snap of LACMA

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Twitter: @LACMA
Instagram: @lacma
Snapchat: lacma

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