art meets fashion | Tobias Rehberger x MCM

It’s super exciting when art meets fashion and it happened again last week. At Art Basel Hong Kong, the label MCM revealed the world première of its exclusive #mymcmart installation and collection by renowned German contemporary artist Tobias Rehberger. It’s buyable online since the 21st of March and a celebration of the 40th jubilee of MCM.
The concept of an artist designing leather couture is not a new one. We all know and love the collaborations Louis Vuitton chief designer Marc Jacobs created over the last fifteen years with several artists. But still, I am a fan of these coops and I am totally in love with the MCM collection. The only sad thing is I couldn’t afford one of the bags 😉
Tobias Rehberger is one of my favorite contemporary artists, too. For the launch of the collection he created a huge installation:

#MCMSpotted: blogger Inthefrow, model Nicky Hilton, songstress Sammi Cheng, actor 井柏然 Jing BoRan & model Hailey Baldwin…

Posted by MCM on Mittwoch, 23. März 2016

The installation is a very typical one and totally represents his style. His art always hits the border of design and architecture which is also something which is criticized a lot. His art is difficult to categorize and a lot of people in the art scene call it too popular or mainstream. I like it none the less. Most artists who are popular and earn a lot of money while they’re alive are criticized for being to mainstream. I don’t care. I like his work and think his installations are a lot fun. If it’s relevant for art history will be decided in like a hundred years or so when we’re all gone. That’s how it’s always been with art.
The style of the collection is very similar to his installations. The graphic prints are black and white with a little lime green or purple Rehberger reinvented the classic monogram of the label for it.

I especially like the little cube clutch:



A little extra fun is the option to create your Rehberger style monogram at the MCM website.

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